'70s Hairstyles Are Having a Moment—Here Are 20 Looks for Major Inspiration

If I could live in any decade, it would hands down be the '70s—not because I find anything about the way of life particularly endearing, but because I'm absolutely head over heels for the aesthetic. There are so many iconic '70s makeup looks I can't even count, and the fashion speaks for itself. I'm all in when it comes to flared jeans and supersized sunglasses

However, as a beauty editor, I feel somewhat inclined to say that the single best thing about the '70s was the hair. In fact, I'm so obsessed with '70s hairstyles that I have rocked the same '70s-inspired style (long and with a middle part) for well over a decade. 

But super-long hair isn't the only style to define this decade. The '70s saw everything from shaggy lengths and bangs to blunt bobs and picked-out afros, and many of these styles have remained some of the most timeless hairstyles around. And next year, it's looking like '70s hair will be everywhere.

Don't believe me? Keep scrolling for 20 '70s-inspired hairstyles that will have you itching to book an appointment with your hairstylist asap. Oh, and expect some top tips and insights from Percy & Reed founder Paul Percival along the way. 

1. Big Blowout

70s Hairstyles: Big Blow Out



Nothing says '70s hair quite like a supersized blowout, and some of the top hairstylists in the game anticipate it will be the dominating hair trend of 2023. 

Get the Look:

"To achieve the look, apply a blow-dry spray to towel-dried hair to give a boost of volume," says Percival. "Then use a large round brush to create the blown-out look. Spin the brush at the end of each hair section to get the flicks." 

2. Bouncy Curls

70s Hairstyles: Bouncy Curls



Zendaya's big, bouncy curls scream '70s disco queen. Note how the shorter pieces at the front add a shaggy retro touch.

3. Long With Bangs

70s Hairstyles: Long and Fringed



Long hair reigned supreme throughout the '70s, and styles with bangs were all the rage. Keep lengths blunt and the bangs slightly tapered.

Get the Look:

To ensure long strands stay strong, healthy, and glossy, apply this fortifying oil from mid-length to ends after washing.

4. Curly Pixie

70s Hairstyles: Curly Pixie



The '70s were all about embracing your natural hair texture, and 2023 is no different. This curly pixie crop oozes laid-back chic.

5. Hair Scarves

70s Hairstyles: Babushka Scarves



Sure, a scarf tied around the hair helped keep strands protected from the elements in cool '70s movies, but they're also really quite chic.

6. Voluminous Bob

70s Hairstyles: Voluminous Bob



The sleek and shiny bobs we're used to seeing in 2023 might not look particularly reminiscent of '70s glamour, but this big and bouncy jaw-skimmer sure does. Whether it's flipped over to the side or worn in a middle part, it's every bit as chic.

7. Picked-Out Afro

70s Hairstyles: Picked-out Afro



You don't need us to tell you that natural-textured afros were big news in the '70s. With the idea of really owning your natural hair taking center stage in 2023, it's safe to say the long, picked-out afro is back and here to stay.

8. Tousled Middle Part

70s Hairstyles: Tousled Middle Part



While there was something very glamorous about '70s hair, there was also room for grungy bedhead styles. Most notably, the I-just-woke-up-like-this look. Just wake up, blast some texturizing spray, and go.

Get the look:

The perfect spray to provide volume and texture for a tousled middle-part look.

9. Grown-Out Shag

The shag has made a real comeback, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. "For a shag, you want long layers cut in and pulled toward the face to create a lovely frame," says Percival. "Depending on your face shape, a grown-out fringe is a great way to create the ultimate shag look."

Get the Look:

Blast a little of this texturizing spray into roots and ends for a lived-in finish.

10. Puff With Bangs

70s Hairstyles: Fringed Puff



Remember when I said that bangs were everywhere in the '70s? Well, they're back. This high puff with a light bang is retro perfection.

11. Parted Bangs

Who says '70s-inspired hairstyles aren't versatile? Curtain bangs can be styled however you like. "I like to call this style the shy fringe," Percival says. "If you blow-dry it forward, you can create the fuller '70s look, or you can blow it back to blend it into your locks."

Get the Look:

Use a powerful hair dryer with a nozzle to set your parted bangs in place after washing.

12. Bubble Braids

70s Hairstyles: Bubble Braids



Bubble braids haven't had a major revival since they hit the big time in the '70s, but they're definitely on the up. When you are armed with a pack of thin hair elastics, they couldn't be easier to achieve. 

13. Curly Bob

70s Hairstyles: Curly Bob



As mentioned, the best thing about '70s hair was that it embraced every hair type and texture. While sleek and glass-like bobs have been championed in recent months, this curly '70s-style bob proves a blunt bob is totally universal.

14. Wrap-Around Ponytail

70s Hairstyles: Wrap-Around Ponytail



While high ponytails scream '90s aesthetic and oversize ponytails might give off an '80s vibe, a low ponytail tied at the nape of the neck with a piece of hair wrapped around the band is quintessentially '70s. 

15. Mini Braids

70s Hairstyles: Mini Braids



Tell me tiny braids aren't the cutest hair trend out there. "The only relevant plaits right now are tiny ones," Percival says. "Take an inch-wide section from either side of the parting and plait thin braids all the way to the end. Then pin back to secure so it sits along the hairline."

Get the Look:

"Use a styling or finishing cream to smooth flyaways and give the hair the hold it needs with flexibility," Percival says. 

16. Sleek and Straight

70s Hairstyles: Sleek and Straight



Straight strands with a middle part and feathered lengths? What's not to love? It's classic, timeless, and suits just about everybody. 

17. Cropped Coils

70s Hairstyles: Cropped Coils



With natural texture reigning supreme, this short coiled style is one to add to your inspiration board. 

18. Super-Long Waves

You can achieve this classic '70s style even if your hair doesn't have a natural wave. Simply straighten your hair if it's curly, and run a curling iron or wand from mid-length to the ends.

Get the Look:

"To create long and wavy looks that last, you'll want to use a lightweight hair spray and an open curling iron," says Percival. "Lightly mist sections of the hair with the hair spray and take large segments and wrap around the tong, making sure to leave each section to cool, and give your hair a shake."

19. Bandana

70s Hairstyles: Bandana



I couldn't be more in love with this head-to-toe '70s get-up if I tried. I think 2023 is the year I officially bring back the bandana. It's one of the easiest hair accessories.

20. Pigtail Braids

Not only do pigtail braids look effortlessly chic, but they're also a great way to keep long stands strong and protected against breakage and friction. 

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK. Up Next: Stylists Say This Is the One Product You Always Need, No Matter Your Hair Type