Curtain Bangs Are Still Dominating the Trend Cycle—6 Must-Know Styling Tips

Mishti Rahman and Matilda Djerf Curtain Bangs
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If there's one thing the Who What Wear beauty team can agree on, it's our shared love of haircuts with chic bangs. Whether it's side bangs, wispy bangs, or French-girl bangs, you can bet we're endlessly saving cut inspo for our next trip to the salon. That said, curtain bangs are the fringe style we have the most enthusiasm for. Whether we're shooting for a Matilda Djerf or Farrah Fawcett look, this will always be one effortlessly cool cut for the books.

To usher you into your curtain-bang era, we tapped two celebrity hairstylists for their intel. "Curtain bangs are a graduated cut bang/fringe. When at the salon, I'd describe your vibe and show photo references. Bardot is famous for these. They have a very '60s/'70s vibe," says Dave Stanwell, a celebrity hairstylist and House of Frieda expert.

While curtain-inspired bangs of the yesteryear happen to be one of the trendiest hairstyles to reemerge in this decade (it made a resurgence last year, and we predict it will be carried well into the remainder of 2024 and 2025), it's also one of the most low-maintenance and versatile bang styles to request on your next trip to the salon.

Sabina Socol Curtain Bangs

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"Curtain bangs are soft, flowy, and longer than more traditional styles of fringe or bangs that sit at or above the brow," adds celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert David Lopez. "Curtain bangs gently split open in the center, and they sit just along the cheekbones. Unless you have super-coily or textured hair, they're wearable for almost any length or hair type." If you're hesitant to dive headfirst into a bold hair moment, curtain bangs offer the perfect gateway style when it comes to styling and commitment.

Curtain bangs are certainly chic in their own right, but they have the added benefit of immediately elevating the look of updos, from sleek ponytails to messy buns. Lopez also notes they can give a subtle face-slimming effect since they open up the eye area and sculpt in your cheekbones. Like any specific haircut, learning how to style it to the best of your ability can take some training and patience.

If you have your sights set on getting the chop or have already taken the plunge and are in need of pro-level styling tips, you're in luck! Below, we're sharing six tips for styling your curtain bangs as well as an expert-approved edit of the must-have products to keep on deck for your new routine. Keep scrolling and get ready to screenshot for quick access!

Tips for Styling Your Curtain Bangs

1. Brush Down and Out With a Round Brush

"It's helpful to use a smaller round brush when styling so you can get a nice grip and blend," says Stanwell. Thermal ceramic ion round brushes create the high-volume look of a blowout without the hassle of a blow-dryer, with some emitting far-infrared heat to lock in moisture and leave all hair types and textures looking shiny, frizz-free, and static-free. Thermal-free vented and wooden round brushes offer body, shine, and movement. "This will help create that really pretty curtain bounce," explains Lopez.

Symphani Soto Curtain Bangs

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2. The Direction You Blow-Dry Your Bangs Matters

To achieve the right style and shape for your curtain bangs, trusting haphazard air-drying isn't the best way to go. "Blow-dry your hair toward your face and then toward the floor," explains Lopez. "Once your hair is dry and you push it back, it will create a nice curtain swoop." For a salon-worthy finish, use a hair dryer with variable power, temperature controls to easily adjust to your hair type and style, and a concentrator nozzle. Lift and separate your hair as you dry to create soft volume before setting your style with a shot of cool air.

Mishti Rahman Curtain Bangs

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3. Spritz Texture Spray on Your Strands

Stanwell tends to avoid using heat tools when working with curtain bangs, favoring a good dryer, a round brush, and a texture, volume, or sea spray instead so the hair sits well. "I like John Frieda's UltraFiller+ Thickening Spray. This gives the curtain bangs that voluminous lift you're looking for without weighing the hair down and making it greasy," says Stanwell.

Kit Keenan Curtain Bangs

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4. Try Thermal and Self-Grip Hair Rollers

Looking for a no-fuss way to style your curtain bangs? Give thermal and self-grip hair rollers a try for effortless volume without pulling or damaging your strands. Perfect for any hair length and texture, the hair rollers below create a strong hold and evenly distribute heat. If it's soft waves you're after, gently brush out your hair and shape it with your hand.

Allison Ho Curtain Bangs

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5. Take Advantage of Hair Concentrator Attachments

Lopez recommends reaching for your hair dryer's concentrator attachment for pro-level styling and to help direct the airflow exactly where you want it. "I love using the T3 Fit Compact Hair Dryer with the concentrator, and I push the bangs back and forth and from side to side as they dry to create a loose, flowy parting," he adds. While most hair dryers come with a concentrator, they're also sold separately for your styling preferences. You'll have more control over the shine, smoothness, and shape of your curtain bangs.

Matilda Djerf Curtain Bangs

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6. Use Creaseless Clips to Set Your Desired Shape

If you haven't already invested in a set of creaseless clips, we highly recommend it. They're a must-have in every pro stylist's kit, and Lopez says these clips are one of the best-kept secrets for keeping the shape and style of your bangs on lock. "Pinch your bangs together right at your hairline, set with a clip, and swoop each side out to create a C curtain shape before gently clipping those ends as well," says Lopez. "Allow it to set for a couple of minutes and then release."

Mishti Rahman Curtain Bangs

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