Vintage Shopping Secrets To Live By

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    Growing up in rural Ohio--where designer stores are as scarce as traffic lights--vintage shopping was my regular weekend activity. It’s the best kind of hunt; not only does it force you to be super creative with fashion, but I also love that you can buy affordable items with one-of-a-kind appeal. To show you some insider tricks of the thrifting trade, I headed over to one of my favorite vintage stores in Los Angeles, Jet Rag. What I found? A treasure trove of covet-worthy pieces begging for a stylish redux.

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    PHOTO: Andrew Arthur

    Vintage finds can make your wardrobe feel more special and unique versus those items that everyone can get their hands on. 

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    PHOTO: Andrew Arthur


    Keep an eye out for frayed or sheer t-shirts because 9 times out of ten they are often the most comfortable.

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    PHOTO: Andrew Arthur


    If you are lusting after a designer piece, know that you can most likely find similar items for a fraction of the cost at thrift stores. I am obsessed with a pair Dries van Noten slingbacks from the S/S 13 collection, and these sandals are the perfect substitute.

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    PHOTO: Andrew Arthur


    Look for interesting fabrics and prints, because you can always alter what you find if it's not the perfect shape, size, or fit.

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    PHOTO: Andrew Arthur

    Graphic Tees

    Wear your tees inside out so they become a staple solid-color tee in your wardrobe. (Note: make sure to remove the tag!)

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    PHOTO: Andrew Arthur

    Borrowed From The Boys

    Don't ignore the little boys’ section! Just make sure to buy the larger sizes for a cool button-down or denim jacket.

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    PHOTO: Andrew Arthur

    Mind Set

    Some people say you should go into a vintage store with a specific idea of what you are looking for, but I think the opposite. I often find the best items when I go in with no agenda. 

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    PHOTO: Andrew Arthur


    Jackets and chunky cardigans are also some of my favorite finds. Try changing the buttons or removing them altogether for a quick update.

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    PHOTO: Andrew Arthur


    You can easily make your own denim shorts by finding the right high-waisted or slouchy boyfriend jeans and cutting them to your favorite length. (Trim tip: cut diagonally down from the outside of the jean towards the inside and about a 1 1/2" slit on the outside seam.)

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    PHOTO: Andrew Arthur


    Browse the selection of silk and chiffon maxi skirts and dresses. You can cut them to your desired length when you get home with scissors. The ends will fray perfectly and give the dress or skirt a slightly deconstructed vibe.

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