The Trend Every French Girl Hates

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When it comes to fashion, French women know what they like (and don't like). Trends come and go, but the French are undoubtedly one of the most discerning group of stylish women when it comes to what they'll allow into their closets. We've talked to them about their thoughts on engagement rings, activewear, and closet basics, but what we really wanted to know once and for all was what the one thing is that they'd never wear, and they were certainly in agreement.

We reached out to a group of French style bloggers and social media stars with a laundry list of both specific pieces and current trends, and it was instantly clear that the trend that French women hate is "ugly" shoes. We've discussed the "ugly" shoe trend at length, including how to style it, which designers are endorsing it, which celebrities have tried it, and the best pairs. But given the cool, classic, and feminine aesthetic that we know and love French women for, it's not surprising that clunky, unattractive shoes aren't in their repertoire.

Keep scrolling to hear what they had to say on the subject (and find out what type of clothing was the runner-up), and shop shoes that you would find in French girls' closets along the way.



Several of the women also called out neon colors as something they'd never wear, which we found especially interesting this season, as it's one of the trends within the '80s theme that's coming back in a big way for spring.

Sarah Nait said, "I don't wear neons except for accessories. I am not a big fan of bold colors—you'll get bored of them pretty quickly," while Adeline Rapon said, simply, "Not for me." Louise Ebel was more specific about her aversion to neons, saying, "For many, many reasons. First, they make my eyes bleed. Second, they are related to two decades I kinda don't like: the '80s and '90s. And third, they are related to (and it's even worse) sportswear. And that is enough to make me run away from it!"

Lastly, two of the French style stars chalked it up to their love of neutrals. Anne-Laure Mais remarked, "I love neutral and natural colors. Neon is not something natural, and it hurts eyes!" And Tokyobanhbao agreed, saying, "The more I get old, the more I love intemporal colors like beige, black, gray, or navy. Neon doesn't suit me anymore."

How do you feel about "ugly" shoes and neon colors? Tell us in the comments below!

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