I Wore $30 Zara Leggings to My Fashion Office—Here's How My Boss Reacted

I wear leggings all the time, so why, you ask, should it be newsworthy if I wore them into my office? Well, for one, there seem to be unspoken rules around when, where, and in which contexts most people wear leggings and—shocker—work tends to not be one of them. I myself wear leggings multiple times a week to run errands or attend a workout class, but I wouldn't dream of wearing any of these athletic pairs into work in place of pants because, well, I just wouldn't feel put-together.

But you clicked into this story to learn how and why I did a 180 and wore leggings into Who What Wear's (particularly stylish) HQ, so here's the short answer: I found Zara's Leggings With Slits ($30) to be everything my workout leggings aren't, and for that, they've earned a spot in my office-outfit rotation, not to mention the approval of my boss, Who What Wear's editor in chief, Kat, a pretty solid indicator of a work-appropriate ensemble, I'd say. Continue on to read my Zara leggings review, see how I styled them, and shop a pair for yourself, too.

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