The 7 Biggest 2019 Legging Trends to Know

Leggings have become a major staple in women's wardrobes, workout fiends or not. The designs have gotten more and more polished each year, too, so it's never been easier to go straight from the studio to the street, with athleisure brands churning out new trends at a quick pace in an effort to meet the ever-changing ready-to-wear fashion market. So, what is trending do far in 2019 as far as legging trends go? We tapped a few experts to find out.

Ahead, read up on the handful of 2019 legging trends athleisure experts from Alo Yoga, Reebok, and Alala are deeming the biggest legging trends of the year. Don't worry—most of these "trends" are all in the details, meaning the versatility and wearability of each still rings true. Ready to find out which styles everyone from celebs to your next door neighbor are wearing this year?

Legging trends 2020



“Leggings that you can wear from studio to street will continue to be a major trend in 2019. You’ll see more leggings in the popular 7/8 length, which hits just above the ankle and pairs great with sneakers or slides, so many new soft leggings for yoga and lounge in our best-selling Alosoft fabric, forward, breathable mesh paneling on leggings that sculpt and contour, and beautiful new colors and designs that work with each season.” — Alo Alo Design Team

7/8 Length

“From a functional standpoint, we are seeing a trend of higher-waisted leggings and use of more compression fabrics to help sculpt the body. From a fashion standpoint, we think neons are going to be very popular in the summer months. I think we’ll also see details taken from runway fashion like feminine ruffles, point d’esprit, and metallic accents.” — Denise Lee, founder and CEO of Alala

Lounge Leggings

“Last year, we saw a lot of mesh in leggings. For 2019, we want to expand our use of empty space by focusing on perforations. These tiny holes add a subtle but stylish detail that gives the design a little something extra, which is a great way to stand out if you want to avoid loud colors or patterns.


“Following the utilitarian trend from last year, consumers can expect the see moto-inspired and varying camo prints in our 2019 leggings.” — Barbara Ebersberger, VP of product, apparel at Reebok


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