I'm a 34DD—Here Are the Pieces That Work for My Fall Wardrobe


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Ever since I can remember, I have always had an affinity for fashion. I live for the adrenaline rush of discovering a handbag brand or an affordable fall fashion item. Of course, this rush doesn’t come without its pitfalls—like the frustration of trying to find size-inclusive pieces for my bigger bust. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a dress, only to find it won’t fit your chest, or showing up to work in a great outfit, only to find your top has managed to unbutton itself mid-meeting.

In truth, loving fashion and having big boobs is slightly a challenging relationship. Still, I refuse to cave into wearing unflattering frumpy T-shirts (and no curvy woman should have to). No matter their bust size, everyone should be able to find fitted pieces for fall that don’t cause wardrobe malfunctions. So ahead, I’ve tried on and reviewed some of the most popular Who What Wear Collection pieces just to give you an idea of how well our collection fits bodies of various shapes and sizes. As demonstrated below, these pieces are worth investing in for your fall wardrobe, no matter your bust size.


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On Jasmine: Svnr Thimpu Earring ($125) and Jingdezhen Earring ($150); Who What Wear Collection Jasmine Sleeveless Gathered Midi Dress ($155); Dear Frances Fan Sandal ($385)

Who What Wear Collection Jasmine Sleeveless Gathered Midi Dress


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My review: If you ever worry about buttons popping open at work, then the Who What Wear Collection’s gathered sleeveless midi dress is an excellent option for your fall wardrobe. What I love about this dress is that it’s the perfect transitional dress for the season. You can still wear it with sandals for those breezy September nights, or come October, try pairing it with a trench coat and knee-high boots for a stylish fall ensemble. In terms of the fit of the dress, I should note that I’m 5’4” and wearing a medium.  

The length of the dress is perfect, and I love the subtle pleats that allow the dress to taper out, so it fits and covers the hips and belly well. It is a bit snugger on the bust, so if you prefer to give your bust a bit more space, I recommend sizing up, but if you don’t mind adjusting your chest a bit, your true dress size will still look good and you won’t get that squished pancake look that some clothing gives to bigger breasts. Overall, this is such a great dress to have in your arsenal, and my only regret with this dress is that I didn’t get it in the swirl print as well!

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On Jasmine: Maison Miru Architect Hoops ($150); Who What Wear Collection Cassandra Herringbone Bustier ($115) and Lulu Midi Herringbone Skirt ($155); Vintage Chanel Chain Belt; Jacquemus Le Chiquito Bag ($550); Who What Wear Collection Sandals

Who What Wear Collection Cassandra Herringbone Bustier + Lulu Midi Herringbone Skirt


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My review: Raise your hand if you, too, have been victimized by a knit or bustier top. It’s all too common for these trendy styles to be not so friendly when it comes to bigger boobs, but that’s not the case with Who What Wear Collection’s knit bustier. First, a word of advice: Size up. If you have D cups or above, this should always be a given if you’re buying a bustier. I did with my beloved Miaou corset top, and that’s exactly what I did with this knitted Cassandra Herringbone Bustier. 

I first test-drove an extra-large because I was worried the knit would be too tight, but the large ended up balancing the perfect amount of fit without suffocating my bust. Once you find the right size on this knitted bustier, it’s so worth it, as the fit is immaculate. The knit was tight enough to keep the girls in place and skip the bra, which is a dream for any busty girl. But truly, the best part about this top is the versatility. Once you get past any fears around sizing and nip slips, the styling possibilities are endless. Think the full matching set for date night or over a button-up for a trendy work-ready look.

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On Jasmine: Jacquemus earrings; Who What Wear Collection Stella Cutout Midi Dress ($175); Steve Madden Twists Bone Leather Mules ($100)

Who What Wear Collection Stella Cutout Midi Dress


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On Jasmine: Jacquemus earrings; Who What Wear Collection Stella Cutout Midi Dress ($175); Staud Raspberry Moon Bag ($295); Sam Edleman Samira Tall Kitten Heel Boot ($100)

My review: Yes, it’s another dress, but to be fair, dresses have always been the safest bet when it comes to fitting my bigger bust. There is no worrying about the girls poppin’ out when you’re safe and secure in a dress, which is why when Who What Wear Collection’s Stella Cutout dress dropped, I added it to my cart immediately. Can you blame me? Everything from the sleek cutouts on the sleeves to the length of the dress is perfection. In terms of the fit, I must confess I was only able to test-drive the dress in a small, which is not my go-to size. That being said, the fabric (a recycled polyester yarn) is way more stretchy than anticipated, so I could make the dress work for the day until I was able to order it in a medium. 

Once I tried on my actual size in the white version, I was far more comfortable with the fit. It’s still a teensy bit snug around the arms and underarms, but I didn’t feel like my boobs were as squished as the smaller size. Before purchasing this piece, I recommend thinking about how you want it to fit your body. If you’re like me and don’t mind things being a little tight, go with your proper size. If you want it to fit looser around your arms and chest, size up. Whatever size you land on, know that once you put on this dress, you won’t want to take it off (I know I didn’t).

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On Jasmine: Argentino Vivo Labradorite Drop Earring ($175); Who What Wear Collection Aly Gathered Collared Dress ($155); Vince Camuto Presindal Bootie ($149)

Who What Wear Collection Aly Gathered Collared Dress


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On Jasmine: Who What Wear Collection Aly Gathered Collared Dress ($155); BY FAR Micro Cush Leather Shoulder Bag ($124); Nana Jacqueline shoes

My review: I’ll admit that of all the Who What Wear Collection pieces that I was most nervous about trying on, it was the Aly Gathered Collared Dress. It’s such a stunning, work-friendly dress, but I was curious if it was going to be as great on my bigger bust as it is on the model. Those doubts were quelled once I slipped it on. Out of all the pieces I’ve tried on from the collection, this dress has the best fit. The length is conservative enough for work, the ruching covers and flatters the tummy perfectly, and the buttons don’t bust open, which is the best news of all for me and my big boobs. Honestly, I was so obsessed with this dress that I had to cop it in both colors—it’s that good, fam. If you buy nothing else from this drop, make sure it’s this piece. It’s genuinely one of the most flattering dresses for my chest size that I’ve ever owne'd.

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On Jasmine: Velvet Canyon Zou Bisou Sunglasses ($239); Maison Miru Architect Hoops ($150); Stella and Bow Lloyd Necklace ($150); Who What Wear Collection Freya Scrunch-Strap Slip Dress ($155); Dr. Martens Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots ($180)

Who What Wear Collection Freya Scrunch-Strap Slip Dress 


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My review: As much as I love slip dresses, I’d be remiss not to admit that not all slip dresses are the best for bigger busts. Some are nip-slip prone, while others are too tight on the chest and too loose on the hips—basically, there’s some level of Goldilocks sizing required to find the perfect slip dress. But my fall wardrobe is incomplete without this staple, as it’s the ideal piece to pair with boots and a trench coat. And if you’re seeking that perfect statement slip dress, consider your search over: it's the Who What Wear Collection’s Freya Scrunch-Strap dress. 

First, we must take a moment of silence for the wood grain print, because it’s fire. I was a bit on the fence about a printed slip, but I found that it became my go-to for running errands around New York City once I slipped this dress on. What I love about this piece—besides the fact you can dress it up or down—is that the fit is phenomenal. It doesn’t squeeze my boobs at all, and it flows out perfectly, so I don’t have to worry about it being too tight around the hips and stomach. And let us not forget the ruched straps, as they’re long enough to not dig into the shoulders and the detail is so chic. This dress is the fall wardrobe staple piece I didn’t even know I needed.

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