59 Fall Fashion Finds That Scream "Money" Without Costing It All

Affordable fall fashion finds


Photographed by Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

Since I was young, my favorite “hobby” has always been finding the best affordable clothing. Family members can recall a time when I’d force them to take me to thrift stores and teen stores like Limited Too (ah, memories) after school to scour the racks for the perfect deal. In my mind, nothing can compare to the thrill of unearthing a designer bag secondhand, scooping up a special piece at a sample sale, or finding an affordable fall fashion find. Of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t say the hunt for expensive-looking pieces takes patience, something not everyone has. But if you’re not like me and loathe scrolling through the sale section or trying on clothes, don't fret, as I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up 59 affordable fall fashion finds under $100. The best part? They give off rich-auntie vibes sans the price tag.

News flash: Unique jewelry does not have to cost a fortune.

If you’ve wanted to test-drive the cutout trend you’ve seen in designer collections, now is your chance.

Now, all you need is a country club membership so you can wear these chain oxfords. 

The buckle detail on this blazer makes it look designer. 

This mesh printed T-shirt from Miaou is giving “rich” a whole new meaning. 

Leather trousers make every ensemble feel more expensive.

I’m betting these rain boots will garner all the compliments.

I own these hoops, and I swear they make every outfit look more polished.

Finding an affordable fitted vegan-leather shirt was impossible until now.

I’ve been obsessed with the designer tie-up skirts we’ve seen everywhere, so this affordable version is at the top of my wish list.

Can’t justify buying those Bottega Veneta mules? These are a great affordable alternative.

Anklets are a subtle way to add luxury to any look.

I own this dress, and I’m telling you—it’s way more expensive looking than you’d guess.

You’d never guess this quilted vegan-leather bag isn’t designer.

This necklace is the perfect way to inject a lil’ sparkle into your daily life.

This turtleneck looks like something you’d buy from The Row.

Okay, this leather skirt did not need to be this good.

Is it just me, or does chocolate brown make every piece look expensive?

Your search for an affordable woven bag is over. Thank me later.

Pleated shirts are the easiest way to look fancier on a budget.

This is the type of ring you’d want to put on just to go to the bodega.

She’s not your regular T-shirt; she’s your cool one.

Trust me when I say a good pair of jeans is always worth every penny.

The faux-fur trim on this cardigan is everything.

The best thing about knit sweaterdresses? No matter where you bought it from, it always looks luxurious.

Being a sneakerhead is an expensive hobby, but these cool cloud Converse make it accessible.

This is the type of blouse I’d wear on a yacht in the South of France.

This bag exudes “take me to the tropics” energy.

A good pair of neutral wide-leg pants can add ritz to any outfit.

The easiest way to embody “rich auntie” while walking your purse puppy is by slipping into a velour tracksuit.

The key to giving any look that “drip”? A good pair of sneakers.

The two-tone metal detail on these hoops makes them feel more luxe than their price tag.

Turtlenecks will always exude rich energy.

No one would ever guess these sunglasses weren’t designer.

Who doesn’t love a quirky embellished earring? A very rich aesthetic.

Oh, you fancy, huh? Well, you will be once you add this poplin collar to your ensemble.

Pony or no pony, these riding boots deserve to be worn. 

The compliments will roll in while you’re wearing these earrings.

Corset tops don’t have to cost a fortune.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to secure this bag?

When in doubt, tweed is always a good call.

The ruffle sleeves and cable-knitting on this sweater make it look way more expensive than its price tag.

Unique trench coats can be pricer, but this one is proving that precedent wrong.

I can envision Bella Hadid wearing this dress to the Cayman Islands. 

This is the type of top you’d expect cult brands like The Frankie Shop or Christopher Esber to have.

A vibrant-green vegan-leather blazer? On the money.

Those cutout miniskirts from luxury designers have got competition.

Fortune cookies are a literal sign of wealth, so why not get these cute mini huggies?

No, it’s not Chanel, but it’s nearly as chic.

PSA: A great satin slip dress doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.

The sculpted heel on these mules is doing what it needs to do.

Take all my money because the pearl lining on this sweetheart top is worth it.