Receipts Have Been Pulled: These Are the Most Popular Handbags Under $350

Popular handbag brands


Courtesy of Simon Miller; Courtesy of Staud; Courtesy of BY FAR

Every editor has their soft spot, that one thing they keep rebuying or won’t stop collecting despite the fact they already own a “similar” item. For me, that just so happens to be handbags. Name the type of bag (mini bags, clutch bags, secondhand designer handbags), and I own it.  While I can stake the claim as a bag expert, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that my taste can be a bit over-the-top compared to most people. (For example, I can rationalize buying a crystal chair handbag that holds nothing.) Knowing this, I set out on a more logic-backed pursuit to inform my next purchase: the actual data that would back up my editor’s intuition about the most popular handbag brands. That’s right. I wanted receipts to verify that my obsessions were not without merit and that Who What Wear’s stylish readers were buying these bags, too. Luckily, our incredible in-house data team was able to pull stats on the most popular handbag brands based on clicks and purchases. Strap on that crossbody—we’re getting gritty with the details on every popular handbag brand that readers and editors are actually buying from.

1. Staud

I had a hunch that Staud was one of the most popular brands among our readers, and our data team confirmed this inkling. Based on our seasonal trend guides and handbag shopping guides that included the label, we were able to see that Staud was the second most popular handbag brand with our readers based on click-to-conversion rate—meaning people not only clicked our shopping recs over 10,098 times, but they also secured the bag.

Shop Staud’s most popular handbags:

Fun fact: This was one of Staud’s best-selling bags with our readers. Y’all have great taste, clearly.

Staud’s second-best-selling bag among our readers was the Beaded Tommy Bag. I own this bag, so obviously, I get the hype.

To my surprise, Staud’s Shirley Bag continues to be a style that’s routinely purchased.

2. Coach

Popular handbag brands, Coach



Editors instinctively knew that Coach was making a comeback, but Who What Wear readers have proven that the brand is officially back and more popular than ever. Of the designer handbag brands from the data set, Coach bags included in stories have driven thousands of clicks since the beginning of the year.

Shop Coach’s most popular handbags:

Of all the Coach handbags featured in Who What Wear stories, this minimalist leather shoulder bag was the most-purchased bag of them all.

Crossbody bags were also trendy among our readers, which makes sense when looking at this beauty.

I’m placing big bets that monogrammed Coach bags will be even more popular in the coming months.

3. Simon Miller

Some brands create the low-key It bag of the moment, and according to our stats, Simon Miller has that It factor. One particular style (its Vegan Puffin Bag) was one of the top-converting handbags with our readers. It’s safe to say this brand isn’t going anywhere.

Shop Simon Miller’s most popular handbags:

Simon Miller’s best-selling bag may be sold out in orange, but it comes in two neutral colors and a beautiful pleated vegan leather that’s bound to be poppin’ this fall.

Another trend worth adopting? Moiré (a wavy silk fabric). This Simon Miller bag happens to make the trend so easy to carry into the fall.

Furry elements were all over F/W 21 runways, so I’m all about this vegan shearling style for fall.

4. Brandon Blackwood

As an editor, I know for a fact that some brands burst onto the scene while others slowly build their popularity. The latter is the case with the handbag brand Brandon Blackwood. With the reader click-through rate rising steadily since the beginning of the year, it’s only a matter of time before Brandon Blackwood becomes the It brand of the moment.

Shop Brandon Blackwood’s most popular handbags:

I already own it, so I’m a bit biased, but believe me—this is the next It bag.

Calling all mini-bag lovers. This duffle style was made for you.

5. Cult Gaia

Popular handbag brands, Cult Gaia



At least once a month, I find myself drooling over and seriously debating buying another Cult Gaia handbag. Apparently, I’m not the only one. After pulling stats, it’s clear that the brand has one of the highest click-through rates. If you needed an excuse to buy a Cult Gaia bag, consider this your permission slip.

Shop Cult Gaia’s most popular handbags:

It doesn’t get more popular than Cult Gaia’s iconic Ark bag, and this mini is under $100!

What makes Cult Gaia bags so popular? Their unique flair. Case in point: this beaded shoulder bag.

Um, did your heart stop at the sight of this clutch? Mine too. It may not be the Cult Gaia style everyone is currently wearing, but you can still tap into the brand’s popularity while feeling like you own a unique piece.


It seems like only yesterday we predicted that BY FAR would be the next big handbag brand, and we were right. Just this year alone, it has been worn by the Hadid sisters, Who What Wear editors, and our readers. Basically, BY FAR continues to be the It brand of the moment.

Shop BY FAR’s most popular handbags:

It doesn’t get more popular than BY FAR’s Rachel style. Long before every brand was producing their very own take on the ’90s shoulder bag, BY FAR was creating the bag in every shade and print imaginable.

If you’re a fan of mini bags, I highly recommend buying one of BY FAR’s micro bags. The brand always manages to come up with the cutest designs. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t just buy this one.

Another favorite from BY FAR is the Baby Amber Bag, which is both popular and practical.

7. Telfar

Popular handbag brands, Telfar



Editors and the fashion set alike have long been fans of the handbag brand Telfar. But its most recent rise to popularity has been hard to ignore. After all, what other bag has been championed by celebrities like Beyoncé and continues to sell out minutes after it’s listed? If you can get your hands on this bag via Telfar or secondhand, then let’s just say you’re one lucky person.

Shop Telfar’s most popular handbags:

Trust me when I say you’ll wear this bag all the time.

Can’t get your hands on the beloved Telfar tote? This limited edition, Telfar x Converse duffle bag may satisfy your cravings.

8. JW Pei

When it comes to popular handbag brands, no other brand is doing it quite like JW Pei. Its bags have been spotted on icons like Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber. But don’t be fooled; the grip goes beyond the runway. Its vegan bags are trendy and affordable, making them ripe for street style snaps, and they were purchased hundreds of times by our readers. If that doesn’t sell you on this cool brand, I don’t know what will.

Shop JW Pei’s most popular handbags:

You’ve probably spotted this bag in your feed or IRL because it’s just that popular.

Another iconic and best-selling bag from Jw Pei among our readers? Their Eva shoulder bag.

Tell me this is not the chicest crossbody bag you’ve ever seen. Betting big on this baby.

9. House of Want

Popular handbag brands, House of Want



Another affordable handbag brand that’s popular among the fashion set is House of Want. With affordable shoulder bags, clutches, and crossbody bags all under $100, it makes sense that this brand earned thousands of clicks from our readers. It’s well worth the hype, if you ask me.

Shop House of Want’s most popular handbags:

This chic shoulder bag is perfect for returning to the office (eventually).

Shoulder bags have been extremely popular as of late, but you don’t have to buy a designer bag to opt into this popular trend. This House of Want style with a gold chain handle is the perfect way to get popular handbag trend for less.

You’d never guess that this bag wasn’t vintage since it looks way more expensive than it actually is.

10. Charles & Keith

It is no surprise that the affordable accessory brand Charles & Keith was also a fan favorite among our readers. In fact, this brand clocked in as one of our most popular and most-purchased handbag brands to date. I can’t say I blame you. Its pieces are too cute to pass up. 

Shop Charles & Keith’s most popular handbags:

While the best-selling yellow version of this clutch is sold out, this black one is just as chic.

Why have a basic shoulder bag when you could carry an asymmetrical one?

11. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters always has hidden gems, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to handbags. They’re not only trendy and affordable, but they’re also extremely popular with Who What Wear readers. It’s safe to say your next affordable handbag that taps into a popular trend of the moment can be found at Urban Outfitters.

Shop Urban Outfitters’ most popular handbags:

You’d never guess this zebra bag isn’t designer.

This luxe faux leather is truly seasonless. 

Baguettes have been hot for a minute, so why not buy this affordable metallic style?

12. Who What Wear

Before you call me biased, hear me out. Since the beginning of the year, Who What Wear’s handbags have found their way into the hands of nearly 10,000 loyal readers. You are our biggest fans, and we’re not mad about it.

Shop Who What Wear’s most popular handbags:

This faux-leather shoulder bag with a ruched handle happens to be our most popular style.

Allow me to introduce you to the woven shoulder bag of your dreams.

It makes so much sense that this faux-leather crossbody is a best seller.