29 Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Excited About Working From the Office

Let’s be real: There’s nothing worse than staring at a closet full of clothes and feeling like you have nothing to wear. While the world has changed immensely over the past few years, the one thing that remains constant is how overwhelming picking the best business casual outfit for work can be, especially considering the fact that some of us have been working from home for quite some time. But whether you are an essential worker or are just heading back into the office this fall, you can rest assured that your closet woes will soon subside. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 29 business casual outfits for women that will ensure you look and feel your best on the job. Plus, we’ve shopped out each look just in case your work wardrobe needs a little refresh.

WHO: Michelle Rose

WEAR: knit dress, knee-high boots, shoulder bag 

What’s a better piece to wear this fall than a knit dress? It’s chic, and it’s the most straightforward outfit idea to pull together for returning to the office.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Gosia Boy

WEAR: sleeveless blazer, maxi slip skirt, oxford mules

Creating the perfect business casual outfit is all about knowing which pieces to play with. For example, if you have a maxi slip skirt you love, styling it with a blazer and oxfords is the perfect way to make it appropriate for the workplace.

You can wear this for seasons to come.

WHO: Lauren-Nicole

WEAR: monochrome sweaterdress and coat, statement boots

Sure, a sweaterdress and matching coat aren’t groundbreaking, but they create a foolproof work outfit for all. For a little something extra, try leveling up the outfit with a bold pair of boots, and you’ll be smitten with this ensemble—we promise.

WHO: Danielle Oreoluwa Jinadu

WEAR: blazer, tank, wide-leg pants, sandals

If your office dress code is relatively casual, then pair your favorite blazer and pants with a bold tank and sandals. It’s the perfect balance between relaxed and professional.

WHO: Idalia Salsamendi

WEAR: turtleneck, tweed coat with matching skirt, knee-high boots

When in doubt, opting for a matching set is always a safe bet. Just be sure to dress up your tweed with a turtleneck and boots.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Georgia

WEAR: monochrome suit, sneakers

The simplest way to dress down a suit is by pairing it with your favorite sneakers. Wear your most colorful suit to really level up this look.

The best thing about these sneakers is that you can wear them to work or on the weekends.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Anne-Victoire Lefevre

WEAR: printed shirt with matching pants, cardigan, sandals

Are you trying to rationalize buying a fun-printed set? It’s all about layering—just put a cardigan or button-down underneath and add heels. Suddenly, you’ve got a nontraditional take on a suit. 

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Renata D’Agrella 

WEAR: oversize button-down, coat, knee-high boots

Before you stress over styling or shopping for a brand-new look for the office, we’re here to remind you that sometimes the simplest outfit ideas are the best. Case in point: pairing your oversize button-down with a jacket and boots.

A crisp white button-down is a must for any work wardrobe.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Andrea Mun

WEAR: oversize button-down, vest, knee-high boots 

Another way you can style that oversize button-down in the back of your closet? Pairing it with a vest. Trust us when we say this is the easiest way to make your staple piece feel trendier.

A leather vest for fall—don’t mind if we do.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Hodan Yousuf

WEAR: button-down, sweater-vest, tie, cropped blazer, jeans, Dr. Martens

The key to perfecting casual business looks is getting creative with your styling. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from menswear, and try pairing your button-down with a sweater-vest, a cropped jacket, jeans, combat boots, and even a tie.

Be sure to style layers underneath to pull off this blazer.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Rachel Nosco

WEAR: pleated top and matching bottoms 

You may not be able to wear sweatpants to the office, but wearing a matching pleated set is just as comfortable. Plus, you won’t get the side-eye from HR with this look.

The perfect pleated skirt now exists—thank us later.

WHO: Aniyah Morina 

WEAR: sheer duster, bodysuit, trousers, ankle boots.

If you’re over basic blazers, try statement outerwear (like a sheer duster, leather jacket, or sequined coat). To make the look more business friendly, just be sure to swap your tube top for a turtleneck and finish off the look with trousers and ankle boots.

You can style this organza duster with a turtleneck dress for the office, too.

WHO: Renia Jaz

WEAR: collared blouse, cardigan, jeans, heels 

You do not have to ditch your trusted denim as you head back into the office as long as they’re styled correctly. This outfit takes the casual staple to the next level by styling it with a bold collared blouse, a cardigan, and heels.

WHO: Alicia

WEAR: coat, T-shirt, dress, heels

Layering is a simple way to transition your favorite summertime dress into fall. Add a white T-shirt underneath, a statement coat above, and heels for an office-ready outfit.

You can layer this T-shirt under anything.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Emma Leger

WEAR: bucket hat, button-down, jeans, loafers 

When in doubt, a simple yet preppy look is the way to go. Pair your favorite jeans with a button-down, and add loafers and a hat for a back-to-work look.

The key to wearing jeans to work is finding the right fit. Avoid ripped jeans and low-rise denim at all costs.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Devin Arielle

WEAR: sweater, Bermuda trousers, knee-high boots

This sweater is a bit more risqué, so swapping it out for a thicker cable-knit version and pairing it with Bermuda shorts and knee-high boots would work for the office.

Style these shorts with a matching blazer, a sweater, or so much more.

WHO: Jessica Torres

WEAR: leather button-down, dress, boots

Who said leather blazers or trousers had to be the only way to style this staple for the office? If you pair a leather button-down with a midi or maxi dress and boots, you’ve got a look that’s worthy of a promotion.

Style this over a dress or with slacks for a stylish work ensemble.

WHO: Chanel McKinsie

WEAR: button-down, sweater, shorts, oxfords

Sometimes, fall weather can be finicky—there are those days where all you want to do is wear your new seasonal staples, but it’s too hot. In those moments, pairing that sweater and button-down with a pair of shorts and oxford loafers is a great move.

Try styling these loafers with a suit, jeans, or a dress.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Emna Sellimi

WEAR: monochrome suit, bold top, pumps

If you love the bold color trends that have dominated F/W 21 runways, then you’re in luck. Any saturated shade will work for the office—just pair it with a suit, and you’ve got the perfect pop of color.

WHO: Fia Hamelijnck

WEAR: blazer, slip dress, sandals 

For those hotter fall days, you can still get some wear out of your favorite maxi dress by pairing it with a blazer (ideally in the same hue) and sandals. It’s work and weather friendly, so it’s a win-win.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Frida Becker

WEAR: oversize blazer, vest, knee-high boots

Love a good blazer dress? Us too. But if you’re not sure about how to wear this piece to work, we recommend playing the layering game. Since an oversize blazer can be on the shorter side, don’t be afraid to layer a turtleneck underneath. Style it with a vest and over-the-knee/knee-high boots. The less skin you can show, the better.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Lydia

WEAR: sweater, leather pants, heels

I can attest to the fact that leather pants can make the simplest outfits way better. When you’re in a clothing rut, pairing these pants with your favorite heels and sweater is the simplest way to look your best for the office without the fuss.

You can pair these with a leather blazer, a polo top, or just your favorite sweater—the styling possibilities are endless.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Allison Ho

WEAR: blouse, jeans, heels.

Call it cliché, but a good blouse does its job when it comes to dressing up a pair of jeans. Just be sure to finish off this simple work outfit with a pair of heels and accessories.

You can wear this to work or on a night out. 

WHO: Oluwaseun

WEAR: jumpsuit, combat boots 

Perpetually running behind in the mornings? Avoid showing up late to work by opting for a boilersuit and boots. It’s not only easy to slip into, but its utilitarian nature also makes sure you can look professional without spending as much time and effort.

To make this look more professional, style it with a turtleneck and heels.

WHO: Sintija Selicka

WEAR: plaid coat, turtleneck, denim skirt, boots 

Call it preppy or even Tommy Hilfiger–esque, but there’s nothing better than pairing a plaid coat with a turtleneck sweater and denim skirt. It’s the right amount of polish for the boardroom.

I own this skirt and have worn it to the office multiple times.

WHO: Loïcka Grâce

WEAR: trench coat, white T-shirt, leather trousers 

The way to make leather pants appropriate for work is styling them simply. Pairing them with a T-shirt and trench coat in the same hue ensures you can finally wear those beloved pants without being too extra at the office.

Buying a trench coat for your work wardrobe is never a bad investment.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Noor

WEAR: button-down, bustier, trousers, mules

Dying to wear that new bustier top that may be a little too risqué for a cubicle? Layer your go-to button-down underneath along with trousers and heels for a fun look.

This will look so good on top of a white button-down.

WHO: Ellie

WEAR: blazer, turtleneck, pajama pants, heels 

If you’ve made it this far and are still dreading putting on real clothes, then let us remind you of something: Pajama pants can work for the office if styled right. Pair them with a turtleneck, a blazer, and heels, and your boss won’t even know you’re wearing sleepwear.

You’d never guess these aren’t silk trousers.

business casual outfits for women



WHO: Dawn Tan

WEAR: midi dress, mules

There are so many great business casual outfit ideas, but remember that less is always more if you still find yourself overwhelmed. Pairing a fabulous dress with a good pair of mules is the easiest way to pull off a look that’s sure to impress your colleagues.

These mules will go well with the Who What Wear Collection Daphne Gathered Scoop-Neck Dress ($200).