Believe Me, This Is What Not to Buy During the Holidays


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It's extremely tempting to shop during the holiday season, with major sales seemingly everywhere you turn. But as tempting as these discounts and marketing gimmicks can be, all that glitters is not gold. There are certain categories whose prices are nowhere near their lowest in December and are much smarter to wait on if you want to ensure the best deal possible.

After some extensive googling, I've discovered four things you should not buy during the holidays, as you're guaranteed to pay more than at other times of the year. Keep reading to find out the worst things to buy during the holiday season.

1. Jewelry


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According to experts, fine jewelry sales peak in late January, so you're best off waiting until after the holiday season ends to score the best deals. 

2. Winter Clothing


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As tempting and seasonally appropriate it may seem to buy winter clothing around the holidays, it's actually smartest to wait until the end of the season to shop. The end of January/early February is when winter pieces start to go on sale, as retailers make room for their spring inventory, so if you wait, you can buy the beautiful coat you've been eyeing at the cheapest price and still have plenty of time to wear it. 



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I'm guilty of buying luggage around the holidays myself (holiday travel!), but early springtime is when you'll save the most money on your purchase. March is when you'll find deeply discounted luggage, as it's after all holiday travel is finished but before people start heading off for their summer vacation plans. 

4. Perfume


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It's no surprise that winter holiday season and Valentine's Day are the highest selling periods for fragrances, so you'll find the best deals toward the end of February. Once retailers finally put their perfumes on sale, you'll end spending significantly less than you would in December.

What to Buy Instead

It's always safest to purchase items you were planning on purchasing anyway, regardless of the time of year or sale price—things like denim, activewear, cosmetics, etc. Late summer and fall items are also more likely to be on sale during the holidays since it's the end of that season, so you're likely to get them at a great price. 

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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor