23 Luxurious Gifts That No One Will Believe Are Actually Quite Affordable

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Despite what you might think, the art of gift-giving isn't actually about the details of the gift itself but rather the kind of impression it leaves. Whether or not you really spend a fortune on a gift hardly matters as long as whatever you're wrapping up gives off the vibe that you put a lot of thought and effort into picking it out. But what exactly constitutes such a gift? Well, you're about to find out, as we have 22 luxurious gift ideas in store for you.

You're probably shopping for multiple people on your list at the same time, so chances are your budget for each person is pretty restricted. We get it, which is why we went ahead and sourced the most expensive-looking gifts we could find that are all magically around or under $150. From a pair of beautiful gold hoop earrings to a silky H&M blouse, keep scrolling to shop each of our picks.

All other cardigans will look boring compared to these novel dinosaur buttons.

The fact that this nails multiple bag trends at the same time and is still under $100 astonishes me.

Leave it to Vince Camuto to make the most stylish boot that’s totally within budget. The studs at the bottom make this everyday shoe so much more elevated.

Tortoiseshell is so classic when it comes to sunglasses, so whoever you gift with these will likely own them for a long time.

I'm a little bit biased because I own these (and wear them every single day), but I'd be thrilled to open them up as a gift.

There's nothing more luxurious than a chic jewelry dish like this to elevate your vanity and house all your favorite pieces.

The unique texture on this top makes layering in the winter months way more fun.

If you remember Valet's popular shell hair clips from the summer, then you'll adore the holiday-ready glitter versions.

A pajama set that can easily double as daytime wear when styled correctly.

Is it just me or could these easily pass as a rare vintage find?

A puffer coat is hardly a boring gift to give when it comes in a chic faux-leather coating like this.

Nail two huge jewelry trends—pearls and chains—in one go.

When I tried on this top at H&M, I did not want to take it off. From the billowy sleeves and silky material to the lovely high collar, it made me feel regal.

These look like they fit super well, and as a bonus, they're made from dead-stock fabric in a sustainable L.A.-based factory.

People are flipping out over this new line of comfortable (not to mention incredibly cute, sustainable, and affordable) underwear. We recommend gifting with a variety pack of the cheerful colors and different fits.

Mock croc is always an excellent choice when gifting since it tends to come across as more expensive than it probably is.

To add in the above bag, obviously.

This beautiful necklace could easily become the one piece of jewelry they wear day in and day out.

I'd argue this is one of the most important accessories for the holiday season.

This blurs the line between jewelry and handbag in the best way possible.

You haven't experienced luxury until you've tried a silk pillowcase. Upgrading to the smooth texture has been known to help with improving skin and minimizing frizz.