8 Fall Trends the Coolest Fashion TikTokers Are Wearing

While the rest of the world debates the pros and cons of TikTok versus Instagram and which social media app will ultimately prevail, we're just over here toggling between the two to bring you the latest on what's trending in the virtual fashion world. Some could say we're even a little TikTok obsessed, given that we've dived into everything from the makeup trends we're inspired to try to the latest fashion aesthetic to emerge. In any case, scrolling through the app is our journalistic duty, and on our latest scrolling frenzy, we couldn't help but notice that the app's digital creators are putting some new fall trends on the map.

Their outfits incorporate some of the coolest pieces of the moment, and we're officially inspired to incorporate some of them into our own wardrobes ASAP. With fall on the brain (and more reasons to reemerge into the world), we've rounded up the top eight fall TikTok fashion trends we've seen, and of course, we are providing all the shopping options to get these looks, too. From the colored button-downs that are quickly becoming a fashion-person uniform to the ultimate Y2K inspiration, take a look at the best summer style on TikTok below.



We can always count on TikTok to bring us the loudest and most OTT trends and styling ideas, but lately, the app's style set is favoring a more classic staple—the button-down shirt. Naturally, they're leaning toward vibrant hues like lime green and fuchsia. We can attest that Sophie Wood's simple-but-cool 'fit involving a tank, trousers, and a green shirt worn unbuttoned is a formula worth wearing on repeat.

Now, let's add a little *spice*. As we said, TikTok is the best place to showcase statement-making 'fits, and retro prints are the eye-catching trend everyone has agreed upon. The trippy, '60s-inspired motifs are totally popping off on the app right now, and creators are largely wearing them as two-piece sets for maximum impact.



We're hesitant to call cowboy boots a "trend" since they're always popping up in different styles and silhouettes, but the kids of TikTok have discovered them, and now, they're all we see. To be clear, We're not mad at it, and the Western boots we're seeing most of are the antithesis of simple. They're funky and modern and totally have Gen Z's stamp all over them.



Every so often, what we see on social media and what comes down the runway happen to line up. One such instance is with these highly saturated shades, a trend that's more of a styling trick, where combining multiple bright hues in one outfit brings it up to level 10. Color-blocked outfits abound on TikTok, and designers, including Prada and Versace, are showing bright colors in head-to-toe saturation.



It wouldn't be a proper TikTok roundup without something polarizing, no? We tried to fight this one, but seeing just how cool the digital fashion set is making these sporty cycling sunglasses look, we've been convinced. According to our feed, it's all about wearing the "weird" shades with sleek and streetwear-esque styling, like a leather blazer or vintage bomber jacket.

Fall may be on the brain, but summer is still very much in the atmosphere, so let's talk transitional dressing. These easy shorts sets are just the thing to go from end-of-summer getaways to early-fall attire and, not to mention, can be styled in so many ways. 



Carpenter pants from Dickies, Carhartt, and Stan Ray may not seem like the most fashion-forward item, but TikTok's style set says otherwise. Scroll through a few outfit roundups and "get ready with me" clips and you'll soon spot the utility staple styled in effortless ways. Before you know it, you just might be bidding on a vintage pair for yourself on eBay.



look. That's how we'd describe these photo-real graphics that are taking hold. A bit '90s, a bit early '00s, throwback graphics are quickly becoming a favorite on fashion TikTok for a cool night-out look.