8 Winter Sweater Trends You Don't Need More Than $40 For

Every year, from just before the start of fall through the tail end of winter, we write a lot of sweater content. 'Tis the season, you know? But each time said season comes around and I begin to round up a selection of amazing sweaters, I'm always reminded of and surprised by how shockingly expensive they can be. From hundreds for something that looks deceptively simple to thousands once you get into serious designer knitwear, there's a whole category of the basic reserved for the budget-less shopper—and that's okay because, of course, there's also one for the budget-conscious, or simply anyone who loves a good deal or stylish knit.

Enter our Who What Wear collection for Target, where, at this very moment, you can find one of any eight major winter sweater trends for no more than $40. From metallics to cable-knits to cardigans, just keep scrolling to see and shop each one and get inspired by how to wear them thanks to some of our favorite style setters.

1. Cable-Knit

2. Cardigan

3. Striped

4. Animal-Print

5. Metallic

6. Short-Sleeve

7. Popcorn-Stitch

8. Plaid

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