Don't Judge Me: This One Type of Skinny Jeans Is Still Cool and Chic

Like a certain once-beloved apricot exfoliator, skinny jeans seem to have developed a bad reputation. If you balked at clicking on this article, I get it. Skinny jeans seem downright passé compared to the other myriad of denim options on the market. But hear me out: Sleeping on this style may mean missing out on a highly versatile category of bottoms.

Think of Audrey Hepburn in a turtleneck and topknot. An effortless French woman like Emmanuelle Alt breezing past in a Breton-stripe top. Evergreen Itgirl Kate Moss slinking around London in yet another flawless outfit. What do these looks have in common? All three are anchored by black skinny jeans, cropped at the ankle. The look is equal parts sophisticated, chic, and cool.


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Still skeptical? Rest assured these aren't the skinny jeans of the past. If you know where to look, today's denim won't chafe or cause annoying waist gaps. A skinny black pair will sculpt and support, creating a long elegant line from waist to toe. I have a trusted pair in heavy rotation that are perfect for days when leggings feel juvenile but pants too formal.

Swayed to give black skinny jeans a second chance? Read on for my selects.


Straight (cut) to the point.


A lived-in wash adds some rock-and-roll edge.


Grommets! Velvets! Pearls! Spice up your look (and your life) with subtle (or not-so-subtle) embellishments. 


Skip the trip to the tailor with these no-hemming-required pairs. 


Good jeans to show off your good genes. 


A light coat of sheen makes for a cool yet sophisticated look.