The 29 Most Useful Things I've Bought From Target and Amazon This Year

Useful Amazon and Target items



Prior to the pandemic, I was certainly an avid Amazon shopper, but my orders significantly increased when my trips out in public decreased. While my schedule is back to normal for the most part, there are a few changes I made early in the pandemic that I've kept. One is ordering lots of my everyday items on Amazon as opposed to taking the time to run around to different stores. The other is placing my Target orders through its app and utilizing curbside pickup. This also makes it easier to go back and reorder any items I've previously ordered from these two essential retailers.

We're not very deep into 2022 yet, but I already have plenty of times in my Target and Amazon order history. Some of my orders were a bit frivolous but others contained some very useful items that I'm not sure what I did before owning them. Scroll to shop some of those items for yourself, some of which might change your life (or at least make it a little easier).


These chic little alternatives to plastic bags are the perfect size for makeup brushes.

I reorder this over and over because it's super refreshing and doesn't dry out my skin.

Affordable wine glasses that look high-end.

This ice roller is a little pricier than some, but it's worth it.

Bye-bye, disposable cotton rounds.

These non-cheesy wine charms make a great host gift.

Elta MD products are going to be in my medicine cabinet for life. This is my latest purchase.

I bring my own towels to workout classes these days. These are affordable, soft, and absorbant.

I bought this for my new puppy's treats, but it could be used to keep a variety of people snacks handy too.

I use this on damp hair or to smooth flyaways when my hair is dry. It always does the trick.

I like to offer a pair of these disposable slippers when I have house guests to make them more comfortable (and because we don't wear shoes in the house).

This shimmery eye shadow is stunning. No chunky glitter here.

This loofahs don't fall apart and won't scratch you in the shower like some do.

I bought these handy containers for dog food, but they'd also be great for cereal, rice, or oats.

This answered my what-to-do-with-the-kitchen-sponge problem.

Speaking of the kitchen sink, I transferred my dish soap to this dispenser and have never looked back.

I was recently dealing with dry, cracked skin and this was the ultimate remedy.

If there are bugs where you live (so, everywhere?), you need these.


My husband is going through an ice cream phase so I bought him these perfectly sized bowls.

I researched what the best powder brushes are after getting a new loose setting powder recently and this was the winner.

This smells so good, foams up quickly, and looks chic on the kitchen or bathroom counter.

This is the best steamer I've ever tried (and I've tried a lot).

I pick one of these hand masks up pretty much every time I place a Target order. They provide instant dryness relief.

If you're still lighting candles with matches, please explain.

A lot of eyeliners claim to stay all day, but this one really does.

I've bought these multiple times since they're really well-made and neutral.

I've lost count of how many times I've bought these and I don't know what I did before they existed. 

This is a must for washing delicates.

These provide aesthetically pleasing storage for more than just bath products.