We've Run Out of Winter Outfit Ideas, So We're Copying These 9 Celebs

As I sit at my desk right now writing this very story, it’s 31º outside in NYC. Backtrack to when I woke up this morning and started to get dressed for work: Burdened by the freezing temperatures, I reached for a black turtleneck, a black sweater to wear over it, black jeans, black ankle boots, and the same coat I’ve been wearing for three weeks straight.

Can you relate? What we have here, folks, is a case of winter outfit fatigue. It is so cold that all we can think about is wearing something we know will be warm, which means likely repeating a recent outfit, and the last thing on our minds is a fresh styling trick or combination.

Well, I’m sick of it. I refuse to give in to the season less than halfway through. That’s why I’ve gone through and stalked the world of celebrity style for nine outfits I know I can copy. My plan? To save them to my camera roll and re-create them next time I’m feeling lazy in the morning—likely tomorrow. To see and shop the looks for yourself, simply continue on below.