6 Shoe Trends I'm Passing On This Winter (And 6 I'm Wearing Instead)

We do some pretty peculiar things for the sake of fashion. I have horror stories thinking about the items I forced myself into despite the discomfort. Yes, I was that girl who wore flats in the snow simply because it looked better with my outfit, which I regret very deeply. If 2020 has taught me anything, it's that comfort is key. I love to keep up with the newest trends as much as the next person, but I also like to prioritize what will keep me in my comfort zone because when it comes to shoes there's only so much I'm willing to give right now. (No blisters and freezing toes here, please!)

Scroll down to see six shoe styles that I'll be passing on this season and six that I'm going to be relying on to not only keep me stylish but feeling good, too. We love to inform you of what's new in fashion here at WWW, but we also want to keep you warm and comfortable, friends. 

Passing On: Heeled Booties
Wearing: Platform Boots



As much as I love the look a heeled bootie can give, I've been gravitating towards platform styles to give me the added height I want. They don't only edge up an outfit, but they're far more comfortable than a high heel.

Passing On: Slides
Wearing: Slippers



I wore slides all summer, and even almost purchased a new pair just this week, until I reminded myself that instead of the sock and slide combo, I'd rather wear a cozy pair of slippers. Lucky for us, brands have been churning out cozy pairs that look good outside of the house, too.



I don't know if it's just me, but I've never found oxfords comfortable. I think it's the fitted structure and flatness of them, but I'd much rather loafers. They have a more relaxed fit that pair well with socks or stockings.

Passing On: Thigh Highs
Wearing: Slouchy Boots

I know thigh highs are trending, but I much prefer more slouchy and relaxed tall boots. They look good with bare legs if you live in a warmer climate or with leggings and jeans when you want to layer up. 

Passing On: Flats
Wearing: Classic Sneakers



The comfy flat shoe I'll be opting for this season is a pair of classic sneakers. From Converse to New Balance, they go with almost everything and will probably never go out of style. 

I used to be someone who thoroughly enjoys a thick heeled mule, but as the weather continues to drop a clog is the new easy slip-on shoe I'll be leaning towards. They may not be everyone's taste, but they add such a unique element to any look.