I Always Hated This Color—But These Outfits Changed My Mind

First things first, I’ve never been a “color” person. For me, it’s all-black or bust. So, you can imagine that I have strong feelings on any colorful trend. That said, I’ve actually been into a slew of vibrant looks over the years (yes, even Millennial Pink). But one hue I never thought I’d come around to? Orange.

We all remember the famous Legally Blonde line “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.” Well, Elle Woods and I were on the same page—until fall 2018 happened. Perhaps it’s the rise of “ugly” trends (many of which I deem cool now, “dad” sneakers included), but I no longer have a visceral reaction to the bright color I always thought was red’s unflattering second cousin. I first started inching my way closer to the don’t-hate-orange pool over the summer as more and more fashion girls started stepping out in the hue as a forward-feeling statement. Well, as we’ve continued through fall and now into winter, it’s clear orange is here to stay. And I’m ready to hop on that train and take a fashion risk.

To further prove my point, I’m sharing the outfits I’m into on Instagram right now that feature orange items. I also took it a step further and shopped out the pieces worth trying if you too are ready to come over to the not-so-dark side.

Let’s be real. The orange statement sleeves here just work.

Now here’s a way to make a real statement—on-trend leopard mixed with the hue of the moment. 

There’s something about going to a party in an orange satin dress that feels so right in 2018.

I’m loving how the orange stripe on the pants pop with the coordinating coat. 

But in reality, why go for a basic black suit when you can really shut it down?

There’s honestly not much to say here… This orange coat is heaven.

If you’re still not quite ready to jump headfirst into the trend, try it in small doses with a patterned top. 

Now, shop more orange must-haves: