I Thought Orange Outfits Were Hideous Until I Saw These

It seems like this season's trends are making me reconsider everything I thought I knew about fashion. It first started happening when I started coming around to the idea of wearing cargo pants (I know). But then I began to notice how cool previously "ugly" trends were becoming across the board. The next big trend that's already changed my mind? The color orange.

I won't lie—I pretty much considered any bright orange garments to be up there with the most revolting of fashion items to ever be worn. Any of my friends will tell you how I would go around offering my unsolicited opinion on the color just because I felt so strongly about it. Well, I don't know whether to feel apologetic or not, but I definitely owe a number of people my revised fashion advice. Suffice it say, I've been seeing a lot of orange outfits lately that don't make me want to go run and hide.

Whether via electric neon shades or subtler burnt orange tones, fashion girls are taking risks with their color choices as of late, and it's really paying off. Just below, I'm sharing the outfits that are so good they changed my mind on the color along with the orange pieces that I promise are legitimately cool now.

If you're not convinced on testing out an orange outfit anytime soon, I give up.