6 Random Top Trends That Are 100% a Thing Right Now


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First of all, not all trends are created equal. There are the overarching silhouettes we discuss in our big trend report each season and then there are the hyper-specific ones, which we're here to fill you in on today. They're the niche but still noteworthy winter Instagram fashion trends happening all over our feeds right now. More specifically, we're narrowing in on the top trends we're noticing the most since there are simply too many of to ignore. We had an idea that these would become popular, but now that the outfits and shopping have confirmed it, we can confidently say that they're 100% a thing.

Seeing as winter 2021 is all about casual but cool looks and comfy staples, these trend pieces are on the cozy and easy-to-wear end of the fashion spectrum. Think reworked knits, funky sweater vests, and asymmetric tops that are so easy to throw on with jeans. Each of the six trends we're calling out below kind of popped up out of nowhere but are now impossible to ignore, so read through our report and shop our favorite picks. You know, before all your friends do.

1. Ruched Tops


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There are some trends you find, and then there are some trends that find you. As I was doing my regular romp online window shopping routine, I noticed that ruching was starting to bubble up from all corners of the internet from H&M to Revolve, particularly these flirty tops that I'd wear to a (socially-distant) party ASAP.

2. Asymmetric Necklines


(Image credit: @chloepierreldn)

We've noticed how the necklines on long-sleeve tees, knits, and bodysuits have gone off-kilter into a new asymmetric shape. Whether it be a cutout or one that slides off a single shoulder, these make a distinctively angular shape around the neckline for a subtle but exciting new look.

3. Complicated Knit Tops


(Image credit: @lefevrediary; Pictured: Danielle Guizio Rib-Knit Cutout Cardigan ($258) and Rib-Knit Bra ($118))

When we say complicated, what we're talking about are all the cutouts, crisscross, and "peekaboo" details we're seeing on knits lately. While these are just as cozy and as your basic sweaters, they definitely add a little spice to the mix.

4. Funky Sweater Vests


(Image credit: @maria_bernad)

Haters will say these sweater vests are ugly, but we think they're so much fun. They take the "grandpa" knit up a notch in bright colors and bold, funky prints. And of course, they're Emma Chamberlain-approved.

5. Printed Turtlenecks


(Image credit: @HIMICHELLELI)

This isn't the first time we've discussed these "second-skin" tops, but we felt the need to bring them up again because they're one of those trends that's both runway-approved and surprisingly wearable.

6. Underwire Tops


(Image credit: @matildadjerf; Pictured: Mirror Palais Underwire Polo Top ($325))

Lingerie-inspired dressing is still very much a thing right now and the ongoing aesthetic is producing another micro-trend: underwire tops. Similar to bustier tops, these feature underwire detailing and add a little something extra to simple tops.

Next up, discover the incoming trend that will end skinny leather pants as we know them.


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