I Chronicled the Coolest Things Fashion People Are Wearing Now—Here's the List

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@claire_most; Pictured Frankie's Bikinis Mary Jane Polo ($250)

As fashion people ourselves, we're always on the lookout for the coolest new pieces to add to our carts. While we do keep an eye out for new arrivals and what's hitting our favorite retailers, we'd be lying if we said Instagram wasn't also a huge source of shopping inspiration for us and this roundup is dedicated to sharing our most exciting finds as of late.

After doing a deep dive into the feeds of our favorite fashion influencers and models like Imani Randolph, Matilda Djerf, and Olivia Lopez, we've uncovered the below 13 items. From the latest It bag to the boots everyone's wearing right now and a good controversial trend or two, consider this list your cheat sheet on the most popular fashion items on Instagram (and across the internet, for that matter). Keep reading to discover the defining pieces of the moment.

Imani's corset top is one of those items that simply lives in my mind rent-free (aka I can't stop thinking about it). Made from floral printed mesh, it's the kind of top that's easy to style with pants or skirts but can totally transform an outfit.

Speaking of incredible tops, this Jacquemus piece takes the cake. The beige linen piece looks like a work of art in its own right and though it is technically a bra top, it deserves to be put on full display with a skirt or trousers like Ellie wore here.

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Shackets are everywhere we look, and for good reason. They're an easy way to quickly update any outfit and not to mention, are the comfortable option, too.

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Rubber boots might be the most surprising fall trend to emerge, but what doesn't surprise us at all is just how cult-popular this Ganni pair is. It girls from Stockholm to NYC are wearing the knee-highs in droves with everything from boxy blazers to knitted dresses.

'90s-inspired shoulder bags are the accessory du jour and BY FAR's styles pretty much have the market cornered on the trend. Their Billy bag gives the throwback silhouette a modern feel.

There are leather pieces and then there are pleated leather pieces. Nanushka has really taken the leather trend to the next level here and ever since I first laid eyes on this top it's appeared on my personal shopping wishlist.

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Another day, another Prada It item. These loafers have been making the rounds on the 'gram this fall and with their cool platform sole and the designer's logo, it's not hard to see why.

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Knit boleros are the latest micro-trend to know and this Dion Lee twinset hits the nail on the head with it's easy-to-style matching tank and cardigan.

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Meet the "risky" trend fashion people are actually pulling off right now: backless tops. 

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Have you heard? Chunky Chelsea boots are the #1 boot trend of the season and this sleek pair is a fashion person-favorite.

Warm-tinted aviators straight from the '70s are the very specific trend all the fashion girls are wearing right now. They're a look, to be sure, but I'm so into it.

Creative knits are all over the place this fall, including this sculptural bustier top that's an editor-favorite, too. Just add a chunky necklace and some tailored trousers.

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Confirmed: This is the dress you've seen all over your Instagram feed lately. The gathered mini dress is a total stunner and also comes in a punchy orange hue.