Winona Ryder Just Said What We've All Thinking About '90s Style


Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

It's hard to argue against the fact that Winona Ryder is one of the original style icons of the '90s. Early on in her career, she quickly perfected the cool-girl uniform of the decade—a pair of Levi's, a leather jacket showing just the right amount of wear and tear, and an always-classic band tee. That particular outfit combo along with many others trends of the '90s—chokers, platform shoes, and flannels—has been on a major resurfacing spree.

But how does one who actually witnessed the origin of these fashion moments feel about their revival? In a recent interview with Harper Bazaar UK, Winona Ryder opened up about all-things '90s style—that's she's not surprised about the current comeback and that certain trends of the time were, in short, bad. But there was a particular thing she said that struck a note with us. 

"There were certain things that were simply welcome - like, suddenly it was ‘cool’ to wear thrift store clothes, flannels, etc," Ryder explained of the '90s. "That was great in the sense that it was something that everyone could afford. I thought that was really cool. Then designers started making $500 flannel shirts and we were like, 'huh?'" 

As Ryder notes, many of the pieces that are currently part of the '90s revival come with a hefty price tag, but in actuality, the fashion of that particular decade was all about being, well, affordable. Seems slightly contradicting, no? Now that's something to think about.