Behind the Seams: The Who What Wear Leather Jacket

Read any Who What Wear story on staples, basics, or even celebrity and street style, and chances are that a classic moto jacket will be mentioned at least once. That’s because the piece is a hallmark of both cool and classic style, and thus, essential to the Who What Wear girl. So naturally, when the design process began for our eponymous clothing line for Target, the first order of business was creating the perfect one. Dozens of sketches, meetings, and mood boards later, we’re happy to say we’ve nailed it (for under $50!).

That’s why today we’re bringing you a Behind the Seams exclusive on the inspiration behind the jacket straight from our co-founders, as well as the real sketch that was drawn for production.

Scroll through to see the sketch, shop the jacket, and read all about it!

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“A great moto jacket is a wardrobe staple, and we were so excited to get to create our own must-have version for the Who What Wear collection.

“Going into the design process, we knew we wanted to make a moto jacket that felt truly timeless. Less is more when it comes to things like zippers and hardware, so we tried to stay away from adding too many unnecessary details, and the result is a jacket that’s both cool and classic.

“We were also thinking about how this jacket would look with the rest of the Who What Wear collection and decided a cropped length was the way to go. This style is very flattering, and it works perfectly with all of our other pieces—two things that were very important to us!” — Who What Wear co-founders Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power

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Opening Image: @SongofStyle