The Fall Boots You Should Buy, According to Where You Live in the U.S.

Pink cowboy boots



Fall boot shopping can be a challenge for the indecisive (just ask this editor). Currently Net-a-Porter has 650 boots to choose from. Nordstrom has nearly 3000. So how is one to go about choosing which boots to buy when faced with that many options? The practical answer is to look to your location. (The sunny shores of California are a far cry from the blustery Northeast, for example.) Not only that, but not all trends are equally relevant across the country, given the unique style sensibilities of different regions. Accordingly, we've decided upon the best boot styles to buy this season, based on where you live in the U.S. Read on to learn the reasons behind our picks and shop them all.

The South: Western Boots

Southern girls love their cowboy boots, and luckily for them, the trend is huge for fall. There's no shortage of Western boots to choose from on the market.

The Northeast: Croc-Embossed Boots

The Northeast is filled with big, bustling cities, many of which are filled with commuters. We advise choosing a boot style that's chic and polished yet can withstand a lot of walking and inclement weather. Croc-embossed boots undoubtedly fit the bill.

The Midwest: Hiking Boots

The culture of the Midwest calls for a lot of time spent outdoors, and the weather isn't always ideal for any type of footwear. As such, get yourself a pair of hiking boots, which happen to be very of-the-moment, with even designer brands getting in on the trend.

The Southwest: Victorian Boots

While cowboy boots can be a little too literal for the Southwest, might we suggest Victorian boots? They provide a similar vintage feel to Western boots but are far more unexpected. 

California: Animal-Print Boots

Aside from shearling-lined hiking boots, California girls can get away with wearing a number of boot styles. This season, we recommend animal prints, which will add a little excitement to a chill California-girl wardrobe.

The Northwest: Chelsea Boots

In the Northwest, the vibe is casual and classic, and you want something functional, as temperatures can get chilly. A pair of Chelsea boots is a perfect choice, and they'll never go out of style.