What 9 Stylists Are Wearing, Watching, Eating, and Reading This Weekend

Even though we've been sheltering in place since March of this year, it has remained impossible not to look forward to Memorial Day Weekend. 

First celebrated in the years following the Civil War as a way to honor military personnel that died while serving in the armed forces, this practice became a United States Federal Holiday in 1971 and is now honored on the last Monday of every May. Over time, it has come to signal the unofficial start of summer with the openings of pools, beaches, boardwalks, and barbeques—not to mention incredible sales.

Of course, this Memorial Day Weekend will undoubtedly look different. Since many of us are still sequestered at home, the team at Who What Wear thought it best to reach out to our stylish friends across the country for some three-day weekend inspiration.


Courtesy of Hulu

With that in mind, we caught up with nine of our favorite stylists to see what plans they had in store. While soft-serve ice cream, cute swimsuits, and great music are still on the agenda, this MDW is supplemented by our continued support of first responders, essential workers, and communities in need around the world—and perhaps a little more reading and TV than usual. 

So without further ado, I am pleased to present Who What Wear Weekend: Stylist Edition. To quote Elle Fanning in her latest role as Catherine the Great of Russia, I say "Huzzah!" 

And, of course, stay well. 

This weekend, I'm eating…



"My2Cents’ shrimp and grits, and for a late-night treat, Tacos Negros L.A.’s oxtail tacos. Heaven!" — Shiona Turini, freelance stylist and costume designer

"Swirl cones with rainbow sprinkles." — Sarah Slutsky, stylist

"Amy’s grapefruit salad from Stanley’s in L.A. It is pure heaven in a bowl." — Nicole Chavez, fashion stylist

"Kiwis and homemade pesto pasta." — Jason Bolden, creative director, and celebrity stylist

"Cauliflower tacos from Petty Cash Taqueria in L.A."Karla Welch, celebrity stylist; founder of the styling app Wishi; founder of the basics line X Karla


This weekend, I'm FaceTiming…



"My friends Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade." — Bolden

"My sister in Malibu!" — Micaela Erlanger, celebrity stylist

"My family in Italy." — Ilaria Urbinati, stylist

"My family in Bermuda has Sunday dinner together every single week. We’ve moved it to Zoom and it’s a chaotic, beautiful mess of about 10 households, everyone talking over each other, kids in the background. It’s the highlight of my week." — Turini

This weekend, I'm watching…


Courtesy of Hulu

"The Great on Hulu! I heard it's very good." —  Kate Young, celebrity stylist

"Legendary on HBO Max." — Law Roach, image architect 

"Postcards from the Edge. I am on a Shirley McLaine kick." — Urbinati

"Wong Kar-Wai's In the Mood for Love from 2001." — Welch

"Insecure on Sunday night, of course!" — Turini

This weekend, I'm supporting…

"World Central Kitchen by way of #TheRetreat." —  Turini

"The Mental Health Coalition." — Chavez

"Black queer men with Native Son." — Bolden

"Navajo Nation and NDN Collective." — Welch

This weekend, I'm wearing…

"One of my many Flynn Skye dresses with Keds." — Urbinati

"Agua Benedita sundresses as much as possible." — Slutsky

"A Loewe hoodie and white cutoff sweat pants." — Bolden

"My Platinum Born hoops! They are perfect for date night and Zoom meetings and add the perfect amount of sparkle to my look." — Erlanger

This weekend, I'm trying…



"My friend Nousha has been posting about DIY face mask and I want to try out a bunch!" — Chavez

"Victoria Squazzo’s grounding meditation practice." — Slutsky

"Watercolor painting." — Young

"To hit my goal of running 5 miles straight." — Turini

"To clean my room hahaha!" — Welch

This weekend, I'm listening to…


Courtesy of Earwolf

"Jameela Jamil’s podcast, I Weigh." — Roach

"New Charlie Puth music. I’ve been styling him for promos for his new music and he’s been sending me the songs. Obsessed." — Urbinati


Courtesy of Def Jam

"Nineties R&B!" — Bolden

"The Looking Glass Series from Mexican Summer." — Young


This weekend, I'm reading…

"The Chiffon Trenches by André Leon Talley." — Welch

"The Secret by Rhonda Byrne." — Roach

"Welcome to the Party by Gabrielle Union." — Bolden

"Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi." — Turini

"The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq." — Young

"The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway." — Slutsky

"Zen as F*ck, by Monica Sweeney." — Chavez