I Predict These Popular H&M Pants Will Replace Sweatpants This Summer

Controversial statement: I don't know how much longer I can wear sweatpants. I live in the South, and it's now May, so any clothing item with the word "sweat" in it is going on the back burner (with the exception being sweatshorts). Subsequently, I've been on the hunt for comfortable pieces to wear instead of sweatpants. Per usual, H&M, which always seems to know what basics we need before we do, came to the rescue.

Among H&M's new arrivals, I spotted a pair of linen joggers that, like sweatpants, have an elastic waistband and an easy fit. They're also $35, come in seven neutral colors, and have 4.5 stars from 72 glowing reviews. (H&M also stocked them last summer.) Plus, they've earned H&M's Premium Quality distinction. I noticed that several colors are already starting to fly out of stock, so I fully expect that many people will be trading their sweatpants for linen pants. Keep scrolling to shop the popular pants in every color, as well as more H&M pieces to trade your sweatpants for this summer.

Shop More Things to Wear Instead of Sweatpants

I think these are a contender to buy in multiples.

Based on the stock levels, people are buying these up in every color.

You'll wear these constantly, guaranteed.

You probably need a new pair right about now.

In case you don't want to wear neutrals every single day.

These will be cute for the beach once you can go there.

There are seven days in a week, so here's another pair of comfy joggers.

I predict these are headed for a sellout.