I Attended 3 Weddings in One Week—Here's What I Wore

I can't be the only one who has experienced the phenomenon of attending a multitude of weddings in just one week. In a year like the one we're having, the wedding boom is at an all-time high. Attending three weddings in one week required me to spend 24 hours traveling from destination to destination. Any excuse to travel works for me, so I packed my bags and went on my way. With destinations from Lisbon, Portugal, to Detroit, Michigan, I managed to pack for these events, plus trips to two other countries, with just a carry-on.

My strategy for packing for this excursion was to focus on the dresses that I could easily make a statement in, and I layered on a similar roundup of accessories for the rest of my events. The first wedding granted me the opportunity to wear a dress that had been in my dreams for months on end. Since the second round of events was in September, I began a transition toward cooler colors, with green making an appearance in that roundup. Below, you'll find inspiration for any weddings you have coming up in the near future and a few other wedding guest dresses that are well worth wearing.

I've had my eyes on this gown since the day it landed on Cult Gaia's site, and magically, my dreams of wearing it came true. It happened to share the name of the bride, so naturally, this was the event to wear it to.

Shop the look:

I've never seen anything more beautiful.

This is the bra that made wearing a backless halter dress possible.

A wedding is the perfect time to pull out a dangly earring.


@_sierramayhew; Pictured: Alexandra Miro Odetta Dress ($496)

At the arrival of September, I transitioned to a fall color palette. Jewel tones are a very classic wheel of colors to sport on the day of someone's "I dos." Finishing it off with a tennis necklace was the right move.

Shop the look:

I'm all about this color for fall.

Platforms are perfect for dancing all night.

And last but not least, I wore the dress that earned me the most compliments. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: House of CB can do no wrong. The ruffles on this gown were so powerful—I just have to wear it again. We spent this evening at the Shinola Hotel and after traveling all over the world it was the best hospitality experience I had. I've never had a friend leave the hotel without proclaiming that they wanted to move in after their stay.

You'll be able to wear a dress like this to many special events to come.

Getting dressed up for a wedding doesn't need to cost a fortune.

This was one of my backup dresses for the special occasions I attended, and even though it didn't make the cut, I still think I'll wear it.

If someone hosted a wedding in Hawaii.

BRB, I'm telling my future bridesmaids to wear this.