I Just Spent 2 Weeks in Europe—11 Looks That Earned Me Compliments

Dressing up is something that my friends and I consider a requirement for all excursions we go on. So as you can imagine, a journey through London, Lisbon, and Positano required quite the wardrobe. During our three-day stint in London, multiple people stopped us and asked if it was one of our birthdays since we were dressed in our finest apparel. We were just celebrating life but took this FAQ as a compliment. After all of that commotion, I feel the need to loop you in on what I ended up packing for my trip.

My suitcase delivered a plethora of statement pieces that made a lot of noise. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? Below, see the 11 looks I wore that you may want to consider copying ASAP.

In London, I just knew a classic black-and-white dress like this one would be perfect for exploring the city. Meredith Blake would approve of this look.

I can't imagine more comfortable yet chic sneakers to wear throughout my travels.

The second look that I wore in London was a probe at the Spice Girl aesthetic that lives on. Sometimes, all you need is a sequin mini and a ribbed white tank.

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These earrings completed the look.

I can't believe this hasn't sold out.

Afternoon tea required quite a lot of glam, and this bustier top was certainly a head-turner. The quality was unmatched.

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Oversize sunglasses are a must on any vacation.

I thought this was designer when I pulled it out of the box.

Waking up in Italy in a beautiful piece of lingerie is a priceless memory. Everything about this dress is perfection.

I had been looking forward to this beach day for many, many weeks, and it fully lived up to the hype. My bikini of choice was strapless to avoid pesky tan lines and flatter my bust.

I captioned this photo, "I'm not really a minimalist RN" because wearing a dress like this makes you never want to go back to neutrals. 

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This is the only statement necklace I packed, and it did wonders.

I was nervous this would get damaged in transit, but it held itself together.

An Italian getaway is incomplete without a dress like this. Every detail makes it stand out, from the contrasting prints to the fabulous halter moment.

Renting this bag was definitely the move. I'd never seen it before!

I love a nostalgic silhouette, and the corset on this dress is sublime. It ended up being another dinner look that I did not regret packing.

Of all the amazing high heels in my closet, this pair I got from Amazon is one of the most comfortable.

I knew I had to wear this set the moment I laid eyes on it. Low-rise, knee-length skirts are thriving right now.

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Again, oversize sunglasses are a requirement.

I was waiting for the moment that I could wear this dress, and it finally arrived during my travels. The fascinating seashell print caught a lot of attention.

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If you're looking to make a statement, this is the dress for you. The lace-up back perfectly complements the many ruffles that adorn it. Plus, who doesn't love orange?

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