Here They Are—The 27 Easiest Wavy Hairstyles to Copy This Spring

When you want to branch out and try something new with your hair, there are so many iconic haircuts and styles that spring to mind—from the blunt bob and the pixie cut through to a full fringe or a slicked back bun. But when it comes to easy and effortless styles that work for every hair type and length, few are as appealing (especially to the low-maintenance girls among us) as a wavy hairstyle.

As someone with naturally straight hair which struggles to hold a curl, I've always coveted curls and waves. From tousled beach waves to retro-inspired glamour waves, wavy hairstyles are totally timeless, work on all hair lengths, and never fail to look good.

It's taken a few years, but I've finally figured out what types of waves are achievable for me and which products will help me to achieve them (you'll find my faves down below). If, like me, you're not after a major change in your hair, but simply want something a little fun, a little different, and (above all) easy to achieve, scroll down for my roundup of influencers and celebrities with the most iconic wavy hairstyles.

Alyssa Coscarelli
Wavy hairstyles: ALYSSAINTHECITY



No matter how short it goes, Alyssa Coscarelli's hair is (without fail) a constant lesson in how to style waves in short lengths.

Jourdan Dunn
Wavy hairstyles: @JOURDANDUNN



Jourdan Dunn's short hair looks so glamorous when worn in a simple sculpted wave with a strong side part.

Nnenna Echem
Wavy hairstyles: @NNENNAECHEM



Seventies-inspired blown out waves with defined layers and a centre parting are bang on trend.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Wavy hairstyles: @ROSIEHW



To recreate Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's 'undone' waves, curl hair in the same direction then wait for it to cool and gently brush through.

Hailey Bieber
Wavy hairstyles: @HAILEYBIEBER



Hailey Bieber's subtly dishevelled strands look like she's just got back from the beach—in a good way. 

Emma Chamberlain
Wavy hairstyles: @NIKKILEE901



In my opinion, wavy hairstyles look best when they appear to be effortless. A case in point: Emma Chamberlain's soft face-framing waves.

Freddie Harrel
Wavy hairstyles: @FREDDIEHARREL



Retro waves and a sculpted shape always look good on shorter haircuts as they add so much volume and lift.

Hilary Duff
Wavy hairstyles: @NIKKILEE901



Hilary Duff's loose beachy waves have always been iconic.

Bella Giannulli
Wavy hairstyles: @ANTHONYHOLGUIN



If you've recently experimented with balayage or lowlights, a wavy style is great for enhancing colour.

Wavy hairstyles: @BEYONCE



Beyoncé's centre-parted waves and blonde highlights pay subtle homage to the '90s. I'm obsessed. 

Emili Sindlev
Wavy hairstyles: @EMILISINDLEV



Want to recreate Emili's incredible bouncy waves? Use a wide-barrelled curling wand and alternate the direction of each strand

Ashley Graham
Wavy hairstyles: @ASHLEYGRAHAM



We're obsessed with everything about this style. The length, the colour, the side part—and seriously, how shiny are Ashley's sleek waves?

Wavy hairstyles: @SYMPHONYOFSILK



Lorna's ever-so-subtle wave is a lesson in how to wear second day hair.

Camilla Cabello
Wavy hairstyles: @NIKKILEE901



If you naturally have a subtle wave to your hair, then try using a tong to add a slightly more defined one at the front of your hairstyle.

Andrea Steen
Wavy hairstyles: @ANDREASTEEN



A brushed-back up-do looks so chic when paired with a voluminous wavy ponytail.

Emilia Muss
Wavy hairstyles: @EMILIAMUSS



Wearing a tousled wave hairstyle is a great to experiment with the current trend for a short sculpted fringe—the key is to add major volume at the roots.

Stephanie Broek
Wavy hairstyles: @STEPHANIEBROEK



Plaiting damp hair before bed and sleeping with the braids in is a great way to wake up to effortless beachy waves like Stephanie Broek's.

Imani Wilson
Wavy hairstyles: @ITSIMANIWILSON



Accessorising with a bandana or headband instantly takes laid-back beach waves into a special occasion style.

Zeena Shah
Wavy hairstyles: @HEARTZEENA



The ultimate cool-girl accessory for your waves? A beret, of course.


Alexa Chung
Wavy hairstyles: @ALEXACHUNG



If there's one celebrity that has made wavy hair their beauty trademark, it's Alexa Chung, our go-to hair muse.

Monikh Dale
Wavy hairstyles: @MONIKH



On trend as always, Monikh's one-length cut and centre parting pays homage to the '70s.

Laura Wills



Laura's tightly sculpted waves are definitely red carpet-ready.

Kim Kardashian
Wavy hairstyles: @KIMKARDASHIAN



Kim Kardashian has recently gone back to her roots—once again wearing her signature waist-length, centre-parted waves.

Olivia Munn
Wavy hairstyles: @LILYJCOLLINS



Proving that wavy hair and a fringe can be done, Lily Collins' brushed out waves have major volume.

Lucy Williams
Wavy hairstyles: @LUCYWILLIAMS02



Use a texture spray before styling and a hairspray after styling to ensure your waves last as long as Lucy Williams' do.

Chad Kenyon
Wavy hairstyles: @CHADKENYON



I love the way a wavy hairstyle really makes the lighter strands in balayage pop. In this particular style, a face-framing fringe and blunt ends add to the effect.

Cassie Siskovic
Wavy hairstyles: @CASSISKOVIC



Use a curling tong with a large barrel, then brush hair out with a soft brush to recreate these sculpted waves.

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