I Asked Beyoncé's Hairstylist to Talk Top Wedding Hair Trends, and She Delivered


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There is no one more knowledgeable or experienced in the realm of bridal hair than celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble. She's worked with A-listers such as Kerry Washington, H.E.R., and Beyoncé. (In fact, Kimble did Beyoncé's hair on her wedding day in 2008.) She's also the head of Euphoria's hair department, meaning she's responsible for some of the show's most influential hairstyles. (Does anyone remember Maddy's bedazzled hair? I think about it daily.)

Kimble has teamed up with The Knot to give one lucky bride the hair of their dreams on their wedding day. (You can enter here through October 11 for a chance to win.) Ahead of the epic giveaway, we had the chance to sit down with Kimble and chat about all things hair—more specifically, wedding hair. 

First, we wanted to know all about Kimble's partnership with the wedding platform. "I love weddings," she says. "It’s just like the red carpet. This is a bride who has to pick the right dress, the right hair, the right makeup. For them to offer this opportunity to make someone’s life easier on their wedding day by having a professional hairstylist, I think it's great. Even if you don’t get a chance to win, The Knot has a platform where people can go to find people in their local area to make their big day perfect—hair, makeup, photographers, all kinds of wedding contacts." 


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The Consultation Is Everything

Kimble means it when she compares a wedding day to a red carpet event. In fact, she says the prep should be similar. "I think a bride needs to start with a consultation. No matter who they choose, they need to consult that person so that person can plan it out to make it as seamless as possible," she says. "They also have to consider what they’re wearing. No matter if it’s a red carpet or a wedding, the dress is the telltale. If the dress is elaborate and has a lot going on, I have the tendency to make the hair more simple. If the dress is simple in the way it’s designed, then we can do a little more whether that’s hair down or something a little bit more elaborate with accessories." 


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As for the trends that Kimble says will dominate the upcoming year, it's all about classic, romantic hairstyles. She says these looks are often the best bet since they're quite timeless and won't age out quickly. "It’s either really minimal with the hair or it’s very soft with texture," she says. "Maybe it's wavy or a soft wispy bun. Maybe it's a long curtain bang. It really depends on the dress and what makes that person comfortable, but the requests I've been seeing lately are in that vein." 

If she could choose, she'd stick with a classic half-up, half-down hairstyle. "You get the best of both worlds. It's simple and clean, but at the same time, you have a little something. It’s a look that a lot of people can pull off—a lot of face shapes and body shapes. It’s classic."

And for wedding guests, Kimble has one thing to say: "Join into the fun, like everyone’s doing for the Renaissance [Tour]," she says. "I say do the same for a wedding. Putting a little effort in is what we need to do. It’s a celebration; it’s an event. We should treat it like that."


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Let the Season and Climate Dictate Your Hairstyle

Here's a pro tip for any bride who's currently in planning mode: Choose your hairstyle based on the location and timing of the wedding. Kimble says fall and spring are usually more forgiving in terms of temperature and humidity, making a blowout or some other sleek, straight style a good option. While it's possible to create this kind of look in the summer and winter, you have to consider things like wind and humidity (especially if it's an outdoor wedding). 

"A lot of people get married in the summer, and there’s a lot of humidity. You’re going to want to think of hairstyles that are going to last—something pulled back or simple, but if it’s down, choose something looser with a wavy texture." Or go natural. "You can take natural hair and put it up, accessorize it… You can do just about anything with natural hair," she says.

Of course, if you want a sleek hairstyle even though you're getting married in a humid climate, it's possible. "Anything that suits you, you can do it!," Kimble says. "You just have to plan it out accordingly. There’s nothing like your hair frizzing up while the nuptials are happening."

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Hair Accessories Are *It*

Wedding hair accessories are controversial. Some people love them; some people avoid them. For Kimble, they're a fun way to add glamour and creativity to a look. "I love hair accessories; I’m such an advocate for hair accessories. When we did our shoot for The Knot, we did some beautiful accessories, from headbands to bows to sparkle. Pearls are always a big accessory whether it's on a headband or on little pins in the hair." 

She also loves wedding hairstyles that incorporate old-fashioned combs that you slip into the hair. "If you want to do a traditional French roll, you could add a beautiful comb," she says. "Even if your hairstyle is simple, an accessory can add some glamour, and I think everyone should have a little glamour. If you do simple hair, let’s have an accessory in there." 

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Haircare Should Be a Top Priority

The healthier your hair is, the better it will look on the big day. Kimble says she always talks about haircare in her consultations. "Six months out is a great time to start planning for that," she says. "I recommend conditioning treatments so your hair is shiny and looking healthy." 

If you're closer than six months away from your wedding, don't panic. As Kimble puts it, "It depends on how much damage you have. I recommend good haircare anyway, getting married or not. Do something nice for your hair at least once and month. If you start at three months out? Great. You can get some really nice results in that time." 

Incorporate products like hair masks, serums, and oils into your haircare routine—anything that will boost moisture and shine. "I have an amazing shampoo and conditioner," Kimble says. "It’s definitely hydrating, especially if you have textured hair. It helps keep your hair in great condition."

Oh, and don't do anything drastic right before the wedding. "If you’re going to get your hair colored, plan to do it two to three weeks before so your hair oxidizes," Kimble says. "Even with cuts, you want your hair lived in. I wouldn’t do anything drastic right before the wedding." 

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