It's True: Looking At These 12 Hairstyles Made Me Get A Fringe

From length and colour to layers and maintenance, there are so many factors to take into consideration when deciding on a new hairstyle. But if you have a fringe (or are opting to cut one in), there's another crucial factor that can make a major difference: your face shape. Whether yours is round, square, oval, or heart-shaped, different types of fringe can be used to enhance, alter, and flatter your face.

But first, how do you figure out your face shape? The easiest way to do so is to look at your jawline. Typically a square face has a very angular low jawline, a round face is proportionately round, an oval face is rounded but elongated, and a heart-shaped face will have rounded edges but a more pointed chin.


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A fringe can totally change up your look, transform your face, and satisfy your itch for change, but getting a fringe cut in is a big commitment—especially if you're going for something dramatically different to your current style. With swooping curtain bangs and super short micro fringes on trend for 2023, it's easy to get caught up in what's 'cool', but when it comes to fringes, it's always best to opt for something that suits your individual features.

Your hairdresser will probably already be pretty clued up on the best fringe style for your face shape, but (speaking from experience) it's always useful to suss out your options beforehand. To make things easier, we've rounded up the best fringes by face shape, and figured out the three fringe styles for each one. Scroll for fringe inspiration...

The Best Fringes for Oval Faces:

1. 60s Fringe


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Due to its angular shape, a bouffant 60s style fringe with flicked out ends will suit the rounded edges of an oval face shape—and you also have the forehead length to pull off a longer fringe.

2. Grown Out Fringe:


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Short fringes will only serve to make your face look longer, so a longer grown-out fringe is super flattering to an oval face shape. Plus, they're so easy to style.

3. Face-Framing Fringe


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Long face-framing strands will add some interest if you're after a new look, but they're also about as low maintenance as it's possible for a fringe to be. Simply curl, scrape back, or tuck behind your ears to mix it up.

The Best Fringes for Square Faces:

4. Full Fringe


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Echoing the angular dimensions of a square face, a strong full fringe has a really fun, modern vibe.

5. Wispy Fringe


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A long, brow-grazing wispy fringe can soften a square face if you're after something more subtle.

6. Choppy Fringe


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If your hair has body, a long choppy fringe with a subtle centre-part is the perfect way to simultaneously soften and elongate a square face.

The Best Fringes for Round Faces:

7. Layered Fringe


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If you have a round face, a piecey layered fringe can help to elongate your features. This style works especially well for curly hair types since it relies upon texture and movement.

8. Curtain Fringe


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A dramatic, sweeping curtain fringe with flicked out ends is almost triangular in shape—this creates the illusion of angles by narrowing the face and lifting cheekbones.

9. Micro Fringe


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If you have petite and delicate features then go for a fun (and on trend) micro fringe. For a softer look than typically blunt-cut micro bangs, style them with a soft wave.

The Best Fringes for Heart-Shaped Faces:

10. Tousled Fringe


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A tousled fringe actually looks great on almost any face shape, but it's especially flattering for heart-shaped faces which pointed at the bottom but wider at the top.

11. Baby Bangs


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For a heart-shaped face with curly hair, a few short curls cut in a slightly rounded taper can help to soften and narrow a wider forehead.

12. Feathered Fringe


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Play up the romantic vibes and complement a heart-shaped face with a soft, feathery fringe. Light wispy strands with an overgrown, slept in look are bang on trend.

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