VS Fashion Show Superlatives: Breaking Down the Major Announcements

In case there was any doubt, this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show—airing on December 5—will be one for the books. For starters, the event will be held in Paris for the first time ever, ensuring that it will be a seriously chic affair. Plus, exciting announcements about the model castings have been rolling in over the last couple days—in fact, we can hardly keep track of all of them! So to help you sort through all the reveals, we compiled a yearbook-style list of superlatives for the 2016 VS Fashion Show cast. 

Among the highlights are a pair of sisters you probably know well: Bella and Gigi Hadid, of course. While Gigi is making her second trip down the runway, this will mark Bella's very first booking of the covetable gig. There's also a rising 19-year-old you should know, a touching announcement dedicated to "the outcasts that get told they can't do something," and more. Scroll down for our roundup of the best announcements to know about for the show. 

Scroll down to see our VS Fashion Show superlatives!

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Opening Image: Getty Images

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