This Is Victoria Beckham's Version of Lazy-Day Sweatpants

Victoria Beckham is never going to be one to wear old sweatpants and a hoodie over the festive period like many of us hibernate in, but that doesn't mean she sacrifices on the cozy factor. This weekend VB shared her answer to a 'lazy day' outfit that doesn't look lazy, posting a picture of her wearing a knitted skirt and sweater set.

The best thing about these sets is that they appear considered and put-together, but they are the ultimate throw-on outfit as they require little-to-no styling. The key is to opt for a sweater and skirt that aren't too fitted or clingy, and are a thick enough knit to look really expensive. Victoria wore a striped set from her own brand, with vertical stripes using camel, red, royal blue and cream, costing a total of $588. Shop VB's look and more affordable options below.

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