This Winter Trend Always Makes Me Feel Like a Rich Girl

Those of us who embrace autumn with an open heart and the hope of a fully restocked wardrobe will not consider a shift into knitwear to be premature this week. The weather has been relatively mild—so what? I'm ready for wool, and I'm particularly ready for a rising knitwear trend that feels fresh, grown-up, and quite easy to look really good in.

Knitted co-ords are my new favorite thing. Pre-styled enough to feel considered and more directional than a mere winter dress, but essentially matchy and therefore easy to throw on, this is coziness combined with being pulled-together. These skit-and-jumper combinations always look sophisticated (just make sure they aren't too clingy and tight), yet they couldn't be simpler to grab out of your wardrobe each morning.

Right now it's best to wear them with bare legs sans coat, and with the addition of weather-appropriate footwear, depending on the day. However, come the colder months, you'll be glad you invested in such snuggly, flattering things because they'll look equally great under a gigantic piece of outerwear as they will with tights and boots. Trust me: I've been wearing these powerful knitted twosomes for years now, and now it looks like others are hopping aboard my jumper train.

Keep scrolling to see how other girls are wearing their chosen knitted co-ords, and shop some of the best around.

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.