Victoria Beckham Just Managed to Make Hot Pants Look Grown-Up

In fashion terms, Victoria Beckham is on the least shocking end of the spectrum. Her collections are reliably chic, pared-back and she often sticks to more modest silhouettes. If you're not familiar with her runway looks, think midi dresses, long skirts, oversize shirts, and great tailoring. So then, it was surprising to find the former pop star wearing what can only be described as hot pants.

The designer shared a photo of herself and husband David this week, and while she wore a signature loose-fitting button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, she completed the outfit with the tiniest of white shorts. But this isn't the first time she's worn this look this summer. Way back during the lockdown, VB wore a pair of denim short shorts along with a black shirt and a pair of slippers. So, we can only come to the conclusion that Victoria is into this look. Ready to see her outfits? Then keep scrolling and shop the chicest hot pants on offer right now. 


(Image credit: @victoriabeckham)

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(Image credit: @victoriabeckham)

Style Notes: Don't love white shorts? VB's got you. Wear denim hot pants with a black shirt and slippers. 

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