Victoria Beckham Reveals the 2 Trends She Just Doesn't Understand

Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Least Favorite Trend on The Ellen Show


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With her signature pout, Victoria Beckham can come across as a bit aloof in photos—something she made fun of with her infamous Fashion Stole My Smile T-shirt a couple of years ago. But if you've ever watched interviews with Beckham, you know that she actually has a great sense of humor. Her funny side came out again during a new appearance on The Ellen Show, where Beckham participated in the host's "Burning Questions" segment. 

During the segment, Ellen DeGeneres asked her about the fashion trend she just doesn't understand. "Crop tops," Beckham told her. "I'm noticing a lot of people wearing a lot of crop tops. Actually, you know another thing: When they wear their jacket down just resting on the back of their arms. Do you know what I mean? They all do it. … They want to look like they're not trying." DeGeneres agreed, saying, "Just wear the jacket or not."

In the segment, Beckham also jokes that she wears heels to bed. "That is so not true," DeGeneres said. "I love the idea of it though," Beckham quipped. Scroll down to watch the rest of Victoria Beckham's new appearance on The Ellen Show

Video: The Ellen Show
Video: The Ellen Show
Video: The Ellen Show 

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