I Fell Down an Urban Outfitters Rabbit Hole—Here Are 26 Items That Caught My Eye

As a fashion-centric writer, I spend a lot of my waking hours online shopping. While I would prefer to consider my time spent scrolling through pages of new arrivals as strictly "research," I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a tendency to add a few things to my cart every so often. Which is how I ended up spending a little over two hours on Urban Outfitters the other day followed by a whopping 26 items sitting in my cart. What started out as a curious dive into Urban's newest arrivals resulted in having 42+ tabs open on my web browser. I figured that any collection that made me impulsively click on the shopping-cart button for so many items is worth sharing.

So to justify my hours-long tumble down an Urban Outfitters rabbit hole, I'm now penning a story about it. (Guess I've never outgrown my old mall-crawl.) Unlike many of its counterparts, UO is always keeping up with the ever-changing fashion landscape. Urban is also a great resource for discovering up-and-coming indie designers. However, the real purpose of this story is to showcase the spring goodies I can't stop thinking about. Keep scrolling to see all of the new spring arrivals that I instinctively know are worth the buy.

This comes in two colors. I will be buying both, thank you very much.

I'm still not over the baguette-bag trend, and lucky for me, neither is Urban.

Do you know that one thing you have far too many of in your closet? For me, that's baggy carpenter-inspired jeans. 

I would have bought this even if they didn't add that alluring KiraKira-like filter.

I can't believe 2020 has me reinvested in the babydoll dress.

These bungee paperbag shorts are the thing I never knew I needed until today.

Moo-ve over, plain old black belts. It's time to introduce this cow print one into my wardrobe.

I've just begun to retire my plain white Air Force 1s. This orange detailed pair of Nike's Court Blanc style is the perfect replacement.

Dare I call these the 2020 version of go-go boots?

Shop the matching Ombre Mesh Boyshort ($40).

Give me all the super-fun lingerie!

This granny-esque wallpaper print gives this knotted tote a pretty vintage vibe.

These pants aren't for the faint of heart, which makes me love them that much more.

All I've wanted since watching Greta Gerwig's version of Little Women is a ribbon-tie straw hat to fit right in with the March sisters during their beach scene.

I've got the perfect pair of Western-inspired boots waiting at home for this fun frock.

This smiley face bag is a simple way to make my day that much brighter.

Shop the matching Isla Ruffle Bikini Bottom ($86).

Any square-neck bikini top is a must-have in my book.

Sometimes a retailer's styling can make all the difference. While the two-part dress is cool on its own, the fact that it can look this good while styled with a pair of Palladium boots really sells it.

I've never met a faux-leather pant I didn't want.

Springtime blazer on the top, winter coat on the bottom.

My spring 2020 goal is to figure out how to incorporate baggy athletic shorts into my everyday looks.

Adding this embroidered beauty straight to my cart.

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