This French Girl's Chic Spring Makeup Routine Costs £269

When a colleague told me that fashionable French girl Sabina Socol had taken to Instagram to share her entire spring makeup routine, I was onto her feed like a shot. Because whilst I mainly follow Socol for her chic outfits and classic French style, there's one thing I'm obsessed with when it comes to the It girl: her blush.

Sure, it might sound a bit strange, but look at any photo on Socol's feed and you'll notice she's sporting perfectly rosy, subtly flushed cheeks. And after watching her IGTV, it turns out that she absolutely loves the stuff. "I'm obsessed with blush, and I don't care if I look like a clown," said Socol. Truly a girl after my own heart.


(Image credit: @SABINASOCOL)

So what does the spring makeup routine of a chic Parisian look like? In Socol's case, it consists of 10 key products totally £269. Costly indeed. But with a couple of Dior's covetable backstage palettes in the mix, it definitely isn't surprising. The most notable thing for me was that apart from a concealer, Socol didn't use a foundation or a base product when creating her makeup look, and her skin still looks incredible. Maybe a good moisturiser and a concealer are all you need to achieve amazing French-girl skin?


(Image credit: @SABINASOCOL)

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