This £29 Beauty Tool Completely Changed My Skincare Routine for the Better

Beauty tools are definitely having a moment right now. But, between all of the jade rollers, gua shas and the beauty tools that a facialist actually wants you to use, it can be hard to know where to start. In fact, even for a beauty editor, it can all feel pretty overwhelming. So let's just say when a battery-operated face cleanser from Foreo landed on my desk a few months ago, I wasn't in a particular rush to take it home. 

However, the Luna Play did eventually make its way into my tote bag one Friday night, and I'm so glad it did. About the same size as a cotton pad, this mini cleansing brush uses sonic technology to target congestion, purify pores and brighten your skin. And since using it, I can honestly say my skin feels a whole lot softer, my makeup applies more evenly each morning, and the dry patches and congestion that I normally experience around my nose and chin have diminished.

But how exactly does it work, and why is it so good? I caught up with celebrity facialist Nichola Joss to chat about the science behind this £30 skincare tool and to get her advice on using one in your routine.


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First things first, I wanted to know if there really was much difference between using an electric cleansing tool and a good-old-fashioned cloth. "Electric cleansers like the Foreo Luna 2 are optimised in design for a deeper, more efficient cleanse, clearing away dead skin cells, which in turn enhances the absorption of products and helps to diminish the appearance of pores," explained Joss. "Being made from silicone means that unlike a cloth, it's ultra-hygienic, quick drying and nonporous, which helps prevent bacteria buildup for a more hygienic cleanse."

Since taking my cleansing tool home, I've been using it religiously every evening. I'll start by using a balm or oil-based cleanser to remove my makeup and then I'll use the Luna Play with a cream or gel cleanser for my second cleanse. "It's essential to have a good cleansing routine, morning and night, that unclogs pores and removes trapped dirt," said Joss. "A cleansing tool will work your cleanser more deeply into the skin and give a more hygienic cleanse. Also, I wouldn't limit their uses. As well as being amazing on the face, cleansing tools are great to use on the back, chest and neck area."


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As I mentioned earlier, I feel like I've already seen some really good results since incorporating the electric face cleanser into my skincare routine—from smoother, brighter skin to a reduction in blackheads and the severity of my breakouts. "A cleansing tool will help improve tone and texture of the skin, refining pores, removing congestion and breakouts and keeping skin clearer," explained Joss.

While the mini cleansing tool I've been using is great for purifying, some of the more expensive options provide more varied results—mimicking the kind of experience that you might expect from a professional facialist.

"The Luna 2 device has an anti-ageing massage mode," said Joss. "I always encourage my clients to massage morning and night—when you spend time massaging the facial muscles, you'll immediately start working on the lymphatic system, which keeps the body clear of toxins and fluids. Massage will improve contours by allowing muscles to sit where they should be, removing tension and stress and taking away any heaviness in the muscle.

"Also, it improves the muscle health and vitality, pushing essential blood with nutrients and oxygen into the skin and muscle tissue to feed and nourish and improve cell renewal. The face will feel lighter and softer, muscles will be stronger, and contours improved, adding a lifted appearance to the face."


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