Makeup Artists Say These 6 Trends Will Be Huge in 2023

If you're anything like me, January is the time for clear outs, trying new things and setting good intentions, and I like to apply this to my makeup bag, too. I'm not suggesting you go full Marie Kondo, but not only is a regular makeup bag clear out essential to rid of expired products, but it also allows the chance to welcome experimentation, whether that be with new makeup products or techniques. There's nothing like a clean slate, right?

And as we look ahead to the next 12 months, there are a whole bunch of 2023 makeup trends that will reinvigorate your routine and give you a dose of new year inspo as we pack away our party season makeup. Whether you prefer a natural makeup look, a bold lip colour or a statement eye look, 2023 holds some seriously great makeup looks for us to try.

To find out which makeup looks will be big news in 2023, I spoke to several top celebrity makeup artists. They are the ones pioneering the looks we see on the runways and red carpets that ultimate trickle down into makeup trends that we cannot wait to road test. Ahead, you'll find the top trends that they predict will be big news this year, as well as the key tips, tricks, techniques and products to achieve the looks. So, clear out your makeup bag, pick up your products and get ready to experiment this year.

1. Vampy Glamour

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"In 2023, we will see statement lips in velvety matte and glossy finishes," says Ninni Nummela, Chanel makeup artist. "Lipliner is having a big revival to not only perfect a bold lip, but also to stand out on its own when applied in a slightly darker tone to the lipstick," she says. As for colours, it's all about those moody hues. "Sophisticated vampy shades such as burgundy, plum and rouge noir paired with bare skin will be trending."


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Use a lipliner first to create a perfectly crisp shape and to help map out your lipstick application while adding longevity to your pout.

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2. Sooty Eyes

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As for the eyes, we'll see a resurgence of the smokey eye. "Smudged eyeliner and soft, sooty eyes will be the go-to looks for eyes," says Nummela. "I recommend Stylo Ombre et Contour in Rouge Noir or Electric Brown, as these blend really easily to create this look," she says. 


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"Apply the pencil along the inner rim of the eyes and blend it onto the lids and underneath with the help of a smudge brush or your finger," she adds. "Forget about perfection, instead create a more lived-in mysterious smoky eye look."

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3. Draped Blush


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"The Super blush is a trend I’ve always been obsessed with, and it’s here to stay," says Chanel makeup artist, Marco Antonio." It’s more visible for 2023 and worn in all different kind of ways, either as contour, angled up all the way to the temple, or a more dreamy in a C-shape— from the temples to the high point of the cheekbone," he says. "Alternatively, the ‘sun-kissed’ look where blush is being applied to the apples of the cheek and also swiped across the bridge of the nose its another way to wear the makeup trend."


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In terms of application, Antonio favours creamy formulas to emulate this look. "I love using cream blush for this trend too as it looks most natural, melts into the skin and gives a fresh, flushed look," he says. "For a powder blush try using blush the same way you would use your bronzer—across the forehead, cheekbones and temples. Plus, you can even take your blush into the crease of your eyes for a harmonic finish."

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4. Luminous Skin


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Healthy skin is always in, but in 2023 we'll see this fresh-faced look become easier to emulate as product formulations become more sophistacted. "With new products being more lightweight with instant effects, the looks are bare but have a natural glow and light finish," says makeup artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis. "It’s all skin-like—think skin tints rather than a full coverage foundation."


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Chanel makeup artist Mary Greenwell agrees, and says it's all in the application with this look. "It is not about using less foundation, because if foundation is properly applied, it won’t look like foundation any longer—it will look like skin," she says. "They key is to also avoid using foundation on the eyelids, you want to ensure the natural darker colours of your eye are visible. Lastly, make sure you brush the foundation out of the eyebrows to achieve a clean look," she adds.

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5. Popsicle Lips


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Lips are firmly back on the agenda for 2023. After a long time of neutrals, punchy hues are back in a big way. "Bold, bright lips like ice popsicles are going to be trending in 2023," says Greenwell. "Colour pops of deep blackcurrants, intense berry tones and, vibrant oranges will be big. Pair with lots of mascara to balance out the look," she says.


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Bright ice-lolly pinks and corals are a great way to play with the trend if you're not into darker hues.

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6. The Wet Look


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That's right, our adoration of glowing skin isn't going anywhere for 2023. "This season leave the mattes behind and instead reach for serum foundations and liquid highlighters that result in a dewy skin with plenty of highlighter to channel an ethereal glow-from-within look," says Antonio. "Think cream, liquid and gloss formulas, which help banish dullness and improve luminosity." However, there's a fine line between glowing and greasy, so be tactical with your skin prep. "Be generous with your illuminating products to achieve this look. The key to a luminous base for your foundation is using the right moisturiser and primer for your skin," he says.


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Nguyen-Grealis also predicts that this glowing skin trend will be big news. Try accenting the inner corner of your eyes, or adding washes of pale balmy liquid shimmer shadow to your lid," she says. "Look to formulas which aren't full of glitter, but instead add shine to the eyes, cheekbones and lips."

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