Hear Me Out—Kris Jenner's '90s Wardrobe Is So Perfect for Now

Many of the key buys for 2018 are reworkings of '80s and '90s classics, such as Versace scarf prints, leather belt bags, pastel double-breasted suits and white shoes. This week, Kris Jenner hijacked her daughter Kylie's Instagram account to show her collection with Kylie Cosmetics—she wore all black with a chunky gold Chanel chain belt and micro sunglasses. Kris is often overlooked in the fashion department, but this Instagram story reminded me that no one does diva '80s glamour quite like Kris. Looking at old pictures of Kris, I found her wearing a lavender double-breasted jacket, leopard-print swimwear and all this season's key accessories. Keep scrolling to see—and shop—Kris Jenner's best throwback looks.


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Style Notes: Kris Jenner's lilac double-breasted trouser suit is trending once again for 2018. 


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Style Notes: A cardigan over a hoodie? This screams Vetements to us. 


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Style Notes: Gold chains were a Kris signature. 


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Style Notes: Pink double-breasted and gold jewellery is a winning combo for 2018. 


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Style Notes: Don't let that leopard distract you from the amazing Chanel belt bag resting on her hips.


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Style Notes: Lemon dresses and white pumps—these are other '80s Kris–approved trends making a comeback for 2018. 


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Style Notes: Sarongs have made it on our beachwear key trends list for 2018.

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