13 Items You'll Never Regret Having in Your Handbag

There's a certain mystery that surrounds what can be found in a chic woman's handbag. We'd wager that if you dug around your best friend's favourite tote, you'd probably discover things about her that you never knew (a secret humbug obsession, perhaps). While every bag and its contents are different, there are a few ultimate handbag essentials that every fashion woman always keeps stashed for any style emergencies that might occur (hey, they happen to the best of us).


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Whether that's keeping a copy of her signature lipstick for a last-minute night out to keeping a skinny belt for making an outfit look 10 times sassier, there are a few small items to always have in your handbag. Scroll through the gallery below to see the 13 items, and shop them right now.

#1: Your signature lipstick

#2: Sunglasses

#3: Lip balm

#4: Scrunchie

#5: Concealer

#6: Blotting paper

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#7: A skinny belt

#8: Handcream

#9: A hair grip

#10: A compact

#11: Nail file

#12: Mints

#13: A purse

Elinor Block