I Love Your Nails: The 4 Biggest Trends From Around the World Right Now


Nail art has fast become one of my passions in life. Normally, you'd think that given the limited space provided on our nails, there wouldn't be much you can do creatively but, boy, would you be wrong. Creatives around the world venture into uncharted territory on a daily basis—I'm talking icicle nails, abstract designs, and unexpected prints that somehow work. To me, nail art is a special kind of craft that's unique to every individual. It's a product of who they are, where they live, and their own individual inspiration. Although everyone has their own unique style, the internet has brought us closer together when it comes to one thing—trends.

"I Love Your Nails," is an inside look at international nail trends, straight from the artists who create them. I've tapped nail artists in cities all over the world to share what their clients are asking for most, favorite tools they use to achieve each look, and polishes they're completely in love with ATM. I've also made note of a few patterns we're seeing across the globe. Take a look below—you may even find inspiration for your next look. Bon voyage, nail adventurers! 


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Although England's weather is known to be gloomy and unpredictable at times, the London nail forecast is looking extra sunny this year. "There are an array of bold brights and muted pastel colours during the summer months," says London-based celebrity nail artist, Sabrina Gayle. "2022 has brought an amazing use of 3D embellishment and textured nails too."

And it doesn't stop there. Artists are throwing it back and have a few nostalgic designs up their sleeves. "My favorite designs that I've seen are the more psychedelic and playful use of colors—where there is a mixture of trippy '60s mushrooms and '90s happy face rave designs. Nail artists are painting these free hand and/or with a blend of nail decals and optical illusion-style bases. Super cool!" 

For any nail looks she creates, Gayle likes to use gel-X extensions since, like press on nails, they're light and flexible. Plus, they feel a lot more natural than acrylics. "There are many brands that have introduced gel extensions at different price ranges from Aprés Gel-X Extentions to the Beetles Gel Kit," she adds. "They're simple to remove just like a gel manicure and the system allows your nails to maintain their healthy and natural state."

In terms of brushes for her designs, she loves using Savita Liner Brushes or Beetles Nail Art Liner Brushes. "I tend to lean towards my old and trusty liner brush that I have had for over 10 years which comes with a little bottle filled with acetone and a handle (my comfort zone). I illustrate, blend, and dot with this one incredible little brush." Take a peak at Gayle's favorite polishes and tools to create these looks below.

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According to celebrity nail artist and Nails of LA founder, Brittney Boyce, Los Angeles is all about going big right now. "Bright colours and statement-making nails are trending," she says. "It's always sunny and people are in a good mood—nail designs reflect that!"

Designs to be on the look out for in the area? Neon jelly tips! "Neon shades that are semi-sheer are super cool right now, especially on a French tip. It looks like you’re ready to sit by the pool and enjoy life. You can wear this look with just the tips, or you can add decals as accents." Vibrant emoji designs are also storming the city, paired with bold shades like Barbie pink and citrus yellow. "These can be done either by hand or with a nail decal. I like adding metallic accents to the emojis to give it a little edge." Boyce also loves creating abstract checkerboard designs—a laidback look that gives serious LA vibes. "When I think of checkerboards, I think of Vans, and it’s such an LA skater brand. I think it’s fun to add extra touches to it, like only applying it on a part of the nail or adding a melted smiley face to it."

She uses her own Nails of LA decals to create a lot of her looks since there are so many options and they're an easy way to customize your look. For jelly tips, she swears by Orly's Builder in a Bottle. "It's a good base for a clear tip," she says. "You can add any neon shade to it as well to customise your own semi-sheer neon." In addition to bright, statement-making nails, she also loves a good chrome moment. "Chrome nails are very futuristic and edgy. It’s taking off like crazy as it gives this reflective, sometimes holographic look." Boyce's favorite products she keeps around to create each trend are below.

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Naturally, celebrity nail artist Julie Kandalec said that glazed donut nails are taking over NYC thanks to Hailey Bieber, but she's also seeing a few more fun designs pop up including floral nail art and negative space designs. "People even love mixing pink and orange, [doing] supermodel nails (super clean cuticles and a sheer/milky nude gel polish), and nostalgic nail art," she shares.

To create the glazed donut look, she loves using CND's Over the Top Effects in "Off the Chain" paired with the brand's Shellac No Wipe Top Coat to get that fully *glazed* look. Her most-requested nail shades this summer include yellow and bright Turquoise. "Ava Dean Beauty's Ursula Turquoise Nail Polish is this vibrant, saturated Tiffany-esque aqua that's great for a girls trip to the Caribbean and has incredible coverage." To take it further, she also loves KB Shimmer's Nail Polish in Of Quartz. "It's an incredible reflective rose micro-glitter that reflects under light in different tones. This is simply put, a shade I can’t take my eyes off of!" And we can't forget about OPI's classic shade Funny Bunny which Kandalec uses for versatile layering and to create clean, milky supermodel nails.

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Stockholm-based nail artist Nathalie Hammar reports a few similar trends to London. "We're seeing a lot of '90s-inspired designs this summer like swirls and abstract art in bold neon colours," she says. "The classic French tip is making a strong comeback too!"

To start her designs, she loves using the Light Elegance Ideal Pink 1-Step Lexy Line UV/LED Gel. "I absolutely love it as a base. It's easy to work with and gives you a beautiful natural base color for your art. Then, I like to use gel paint or a highly pigmented gel polish to make the designs." Reflective gel polishes are also a must among her clients these days. "I’m in love with the shade Brilliant from Didier Lab—especially yellow and coral from the summer collection. They're absolutely gorgeous!" Like Boyce, Hammar also has a soft spot for anything chrome-colored. "I try to use it as often as my clients will let me," she shares. 

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