These Nail Art Trends Will Be Huge in 2023, According to Experts

While the general vibe for makeup trends this year feels minimal and natural, 2023 is set to be the year where nail art well and truly steals the spotlight when it comes to creativity and experimentation within the beauty space. From new takes on classics like the French manicure through to 3D effects and chrome textures and accents, the best nail art trends for 2023 prove that a fresh mani really is the ultimate accessory.

One thing is for certain; 2023 is going to be full of surprises. "Nail art is such a fun method of self-expression but trends move fast these days,” says Millie Horton, nail artist and founder of Doll Parts. "I think the vibe for nail art this year is reimagining the classics and putting your own spin on trending designs. It’s much more fun creating whatever you like now that the days of copy-and-paste designs are over.”

Ahead, we’ve rounded up what are predicted to be 2023’s biggest nail art trends. And trust us: whether you’re a salon regular or always up for some DIY, there’s something for everyone.

1. Chunky Glitter


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"With the exception of chrome and cat-eye polish, glitter nails have been out of the limelight for a while,” says Horton. "I think we’ve still got a way to go before full-cover glitter nails are back, but we’re going to see a lot of cool encapsulated glitter shapes this year.” The key to nailing this trend is to opt for chunky glitters, and avoid fine shimmers. Horton recommends layering the glitter underneath your top coat or clear builder gel for the best finish.

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2. Minimal Monochrome


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While the nail art trends of yesteryear involved mixing and matching just about as many patterns and colours as it was possible to, both Horton and nail artist Rose Tucker agree that things are getting a little more minimalistic in 2023. "A sheer, natural base with a one-colour design is the way to go for a simple yet effective look this year,” says Horton. "Pick one colour, grab your paintbrush and keep it minimal.”

As for the colours to use, Tucker believes that dark, high-gloss shades will be trending this year. "It ties in really well with the gothic glamour we’ve been seeing and the nods to the 90’s,” she adds.

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3. 3D Details


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The next frontier of nail art? A third dimension. The natural evolution beyond experimenting with shape and colour is to take things 3D. "Body chains, crystals, oversized jewellery pieces, surrealist shaping—we’ve seen it all and I think we can expect to see more on your manis too,” says Tucker. "There’s lots of ways you can add 3D details to your nails whether it be with stick ons or structured gel and with maximalism in mind; more is more!”

Creating a 3D effect with structured gel is one of the easiest ways to experiment with this trend. "Clear hard gel is applied to build tiny blobs that resemble water droplets,” explains Horton. "You can create big blobs, tiny droplets, layer on top of designs or even paint other 3D shapes for a fun sculptural feel.”

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4. Chrome Accents


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"Silver chrome is having a huge moment in nail art,” says Horton. "The release of chrome paints last year revolutionised application, although chrome powder is still a firm favourite of many nail techs. Layer on top of your aura nails for a super cool alien vibe.” It’s very clear that the silver chrome trend isn’t going anywhere, and Tucker agrees. "Chrome was the biggest nail trend of 2022 and although it’s here to stay in 2023, it’s getting a glow up,” she adds. "We’ll see a bolder alternative to the ‘glazed donut’ style. Think mirror finishes, lots of bright, jewel tones and even some metallic textures.”


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5. Aura Nails


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Aura nails? Watercolour mani? Gradient effect? Whatever you call it, the trend (which involves blending together two or more shades) is set to be huge in 2023.  Although it’s possible to achieve this effect using sponges or blooming gel, it’s best created using an airbrush, so Horton advises asking your nail artist to create this one.


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6. 00's French



Noughties fashion is back and with it the classic pink and white French manicure. "I’m anticipating a shift in nail length and shape with this design from the current short and squoval to long and square,” says Tucker. "But we want to keep that deep smile line we’ve been seeing recently—it’s a perfect way to freshen up a nostalgic set.”

"A great way to master the French is to map it out on each nail before going all in,” she adds. "Mark where you want your tip to begin on each nail so that they're all uniform, go in and fill them, and then you can tidy up any excess polish with a brush or cotton bud soaked in remover/acetone.”


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