The One Hair Accessory That All Our Fashion Friends Are Wearing Right Now

So far this year I've rounded up the team to give the prettiest headbands and hair clips a trial run, looked to France for cool new ways to wear hair accessories and uncovered a trending new hair clip brand that London girls are wearing. Yes, my love of hair accessories in 2019 is strong, which is why I'm so excited that the fashion set is embracing a new one—the hair scarf.

Chic, elegant and oh so stylish, the humble hair scarf looks set to be the hair accessory of the summer—and I can see why. It's just so versatile. Wear it twisted around a bun or to top a half-up, half-down style; weave it into a braid or wrap it over your roots to disguise second-day hair. The possibilities are endless. 


(Image credit: @MINIMIDIMICHI)

Keep scrolling for hair scarf inspiration from seven of our most stylish fashion friends and to shop the best hair scarves so you can try the trend at home.


Michelle Pålsson Horvath
(Image credit: @MINIMIDIMICHI)

I adore how Michelle has weaved this printed hair scarf through her French braid to add a pop of colour. To try this at home, knot the scarf around a few strands of hair at the top of your head before you start braiding.


(Image credit: @COCOAFLOWERR)

L.A.-based skin expert Simone folds her hair scarf in half, diagonally, and ties over her curls for a cool Californian summer look. 

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AnneLaure Mais Moreau
(Image credit: @ADENORAH)

I'll be channelling Parisian AnneLaure at the beach this summer with this cute hair scarf twisted into her tousled topknot. If you're not a dab hand with hair accessories (like me) then there are plenty of scrunchie scarf options out there too, like this one from Urban Outfitters.


Anisa Sojka
(Image credit: @ANISASOJKA)

Proving that hair scarves don't have to be complicated, Anisa tops her wavy lob with a printed scarf for elegant results. I'll be trying this out on days when I'm in between hair washes.

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ASOS Lotte
(Image credit: @ASOS_LOTTE)

ASOS Lotte is giving me major '90s vibes with this floppy gingham ribbon and half-up, half-down 'do.


Yatri Pabari
(Image credit: @Y.A.T.R.I)

On days when you've scraped your hair back into a bun to dash out the door quickly, make like Yatri and complete the look with a silk scarf to elevate your entire look in moments.


Ada Oguntodu
(Image credit: @ADA_OGUNTODU)

So. Cute. I love Ada's swept-back strands topped with this silk knotted ribbon for a cool off-duty look.

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