All the Inspiration You Need to Start Wearing Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are happening everywhere you turn. From street style to Instagram, decorating your head with everything from pearls to bows is the latest thing you can do to spark more joy in every outfit. What I love about this trend is that you don't have to change much about your core style—just add to it. 


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Adding a few accessories to your wardrobe enables you to try new trends without having to buy too many excess pieces. And the best part is, whether it's a pearl slide or a scrunchie, you can add a hair accessory to any outfit—from a white T-shirt and jeans to a party dress. Keep scrolling to find out which hair accessories fashion girls love right now and see how they're wearing them. 


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Style Notes: A big black bow is a classic way to start wearing more hair accessories. 


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Style Notes: Pearls are having a major moment in 2019, so why not wear dive into this trend and wear five slides of them at once? If the Simone Rocha original is not in the budget right now, Accessorize is just one place that stocks them on the high street.


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Style Notes: Channel you inner Anne Boleyn and add a regal element to your everyday style. 

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Style Notes: Phoebe Collings-James proves that statement clips work for all hair lengths. 


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Style Notes: A little Gucci goes a long way. If you're happy with the logo-free version, I've seen simple tortoiseshell barrettes on the high street


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Style Notes: Bows are one of the biggest trends of 2019, so three in a row seems only appropriate. 


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Style Notes: The bulldog clip is back from the '90s with a sweet update thanks to brands like Seoul Import. 

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Style Notes: Pearls, pearls, pearls, and more pearls! We can't get enough. We love how Blanca wears them in a low bun in the back. 


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Style Notes: Valet Studio is definitely our favourite new accessories brands and its seashell clips prove why. 


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Style Notes: A scrunchie is a classic and works best when matched to another part of your outfit, like Courtney Trop, who masters this.

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