We Tried Glossier's Brand New Brow Product—and It's Better Than Boy Brow

It's no secret Glossier is über-talented when it comes to making waves, influencing trends and setting refreshing diversity precedents within the beauty industry. So it's not surprising that when the cult-loved brand announces a new product launch, people go bananas. Of course, some launches have gone over better than others—Glossier Play is still a controversial topic among beauty editors—and some of the brand's beloved signatures (Milky Jelly CleanserBalm DotcomCloud PaintGeneration G...etc.) will likely never be dethroned from their pedestal.

Which brings us to today's major news—the launch of Glossier's newest product called Brow Flick (£15)—the only brow product the brand has debuted since the 2015 arrival of Boy Brow (£14). 


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If you didn't know, Boy Brow is the brand's #1 selling product and one of the most iconic brow products, well, ever. In fact, as the brand stated in a press release, last year, a tube of Boy Brow sold every 32 seconds. To which we say damn.


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But, we digress—back to the task at hand! The exciting and surprising (unless you're a beauty editor who received the exciting news last week) arrival of Brow Flick, a sleek brush-tip detailing pen that's intended to groom and touch up your arches with the perfect amount of pigment and texture. 


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With Brow Flick, it's all about definition, not necessarily colour or fluff; the product aims to give Glossier's loyal community the option to add "more brow to their brow" for a full, polished, ultra-natural-looking finish.

The Product Details


(Image credit: Courtesy of Glossier)

So what makes Brow Flick different than the gel, powder or pencil you already love? For starters, it comes in just three sheer, (surprisingly) versatile shades, Black, Brown and Blonde, which pair beautifully with their corresponding shades of Boy Brow.

Second, the formula is water-resistant and creates easy, natural-looking strokes that look significantly less artificial and "drawn" than the results stencils and pencils can yield. You can use the pen anywhere you feel you want or need more definition or depth—be it the tails or arches—and thanks to the malleable, super-fine brush tip, the final aesthetic is designed to look pretty darn seamless. (Spoiler: It does!)

Composition- and ingredient-wise, the formula is ophthalmologist tested, dermatologist tested, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, grain-protein-free, nut-free and hypoallergenic (woo!), and other notable features include copolymers (for enduring wear), superfine pigments (for detection-free believability), and, of course, the flow-through brush applicator tip (for fine lines, precise application and a natural finish).

For A+ application, the brand suggests starting with clean skin, which will help ensure the formula adheres how it's intended. Then, holding the pen at a downward angle, lightly etch and feather your strokes anywhere you want some improvement. Let the application dry for at least 15 seconds, and then feel free to brush and fluff your hairs up with Boy Brow to enhance your work with a little more hold and definition. Et voila! Brow Flick in a nutshell.

Of course, there's the whole issue of whether or not the newest Glossier baby lives up to all the inevitable hype, so I asked a few of my fellow Who What Wear co-workers to weigh in with before-and-after photos coupled with unbiased reviews. Keep scrolling for our honest thoughts!

Erin Jahns, Associate Beauty Editor


(Image credit: @erin_jahns)


(Image credit: @erin_jahns)

Wearing: Brow Flick in Blond & Boy Brow in Clear

"I'm notoriously anxious when it comes to brow products. Due to how fair my skin and hair is (and how sparse-ish my brows are), it's easy for brow products to go haywire fast. So I generally stick to pencils, which yield more control and precision than goopy gels. Thus, when I heard that Glossier's latest brow launch was a pen—which sounds rather intense—I was concerned. I had scary visions of an application that looked more like a paint job than a natural-looking brow boost.

"That said, as soon as I unpackaged Brow Flick, my stress level dropped; the brush tip is super fine and soft, and as I began stroking it through the sparse areas of my brows, I could barely detect the product—in a good way. (I literally had a Britney Spears moment; like, Is this thing on?). However, despite how subtle the application was, I did notice a slow, steady, user-friendly build in the oomph and precision of my brows.

"The job was done in about 30 seconds, and the product was completely undetectable (no telltale trace of pencil left behind!). Brow Flick truly delivers on the "your brows, but better" front, which is my personal vibe when it comes to enhancing my brows. I didn't feel like I needed more pigment, so I simply brushed them into place with the clear Boy Brow formula, but honestly, I probably wouldn't even do that on a daily basis; I generally like to keep my brow maintenance as minimal as possible.

"Overall, I'd give Brow Flick five stars and might actually love it just as much as I love Lash Slick, my favourite mascara. However, I do worry the effect won't be dramatic enough for those who love a brow look that packs a lot of punch (although you can always add extra definition with a second coat of Boy Brow), and am also slightly worried the pen might dry out in about two seconds flat. All in all, though, my first impression is stellar, and I'd definitely recommend it for the person who loves a natural and super-low-maintenance brow look." 

The 12-hours-later update: "I applied Brow Flick at the office around 8 a.m. in the morning and then went to a 6 p.m. Spin class where I literally produced buckets of sweat. After the class, my brows looked like they hadn't even been touched and were still perfectly intact! Glossier, you weren't playing when you said the formula was water-resistant!"

Amanda Montell, Beauty & Features Editor


(Image credit: @amanda_montell)


(Image credit: @amanda_montell)

Wearing: Brow Flick in Brown; Boy Brow in Brown

"This decade's brow trends have been kind to those with thick, straight-across caterpillars like mine (thank goodness the early 2000s are long gone!), and I've been leaning into any product that helps me achieve my Burt-and-Ernie brow aesthetic. My go-to brow products are either gels formulated with fibres and a lot of hold (like boy brow!), which allow me to achieve the full, bushy vibe I like, or super skinny-tipped pencils that let me fill in sparse bits as well as create the look of individual brow hairs.

"My first impression of Glossier's (very appropriately named) Brow Flick is very positive—I love how the flexible tip and inky (though light) liquid product allows you to very precisely stroke hair-like lines into the sprout of your brows or fill in the arch/tail. Bumped up and locked in by a coat or two of boy brow, I love the full, feathered effect. My only suspicion of the product is that it deposits pigment so lightly (admittedly great for not overdoing your brows) that I'm afraid the applicator would dry out after five or so uses. Only more experimentation will tell. But for the time being, I'm digging my *brows on flick* (sorry for the pun... had to)."

Anna LaPlaca, Assistant Fashion Editor


(Image credit: @anna_laplaca)

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(Image credit: @anna_laplaca)

Wearing: Brow Flick in Black & Boy Brow in Black

"Right off the bat, I was impressed by how easy it was to apply. The brush literally flicks on a sheer stroke of colour, leaving my brows looking fuller, darker and more even. Being the novice that I am at all brow products under the sun (save for my beloved Boy Brow, naturally), I applied it all over my brows just to see how it would look. I quickly discovered that the formula doesn't easily smudge off, though, which is great if you apply it where you want, but not so great if you paint outside the lines, which I definitely did a few times. I finished with Bow Brow for a full statement brow moment I'm excited to re-create for my next event. For more of a natural everyday look, though, I'll probably limit the Brow Flick to my arches and finish with the Boy Brow in clear instead."

Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, Community Manager


(Image credit: @fashionwithjazz)


(Image credit: @fashionwithjazz)

Wearing: Brow Flick in Black & Boy Brow in Black

"Rarely do I wear makeup; most days I roll out of bed and decide to dedicate my morning routine to my curly hair. But I definitely could be down to incorporate Glossier's Brow Flick pencil in when I'm feeling extra spicy. I have to say that Brow Flick was a little lighter in effect versus the Boy Brow, which felt like the type of product you put on to have a bold brow. Overall, both products looked great, but Brow Flick gave off a more natural, non-filled in look, while Boy Brow screams brows on fleek."

Judith Jones, Fashion Market Editor


(Image credit: @joiedejude)


(Image credit: @joiedejude)

Wearing: Brow Flick in Brown

"I love the subtle difference the pen makes to my brows. It enhances and shapes my brows without looking like I've actually got brow product on. The pen itself has a light-as-air texture—almost like a brown watercolour."

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