This Cult Lip Product Is Sold Every 2 Minutes Somewhere in the World

We've done our own extensive research on the best nude lipsticks, but it turns out that there's one universally flattering nude that blows all other hues out of the water. In fact, this shade is so beloved that one of these lip products is sold every two minutes around the world. It must be good, right? In a word, yes.

I am, of course, talking about Charlotte Tilbury's iconic Pillow Talk Lip Liner. Launched in 2013, Tilbury describes how the product started life as her "backstage secret weapon." When it was finally available to shop, it became an insider beauty secret for editors and celebs and sold out so often that a Pillow Talk waiting list became pretty much standard.


Since then, the cult shade has spawned lipsticks, blushers and eye shadow palettes to match. But what makes it so damn covetable? Keep scrolling to find out which celebs swear by it and why Tilbury herself thinks it's such a cult product.

A Beauty Industry Hero

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"It started with a dream. I wanted to alchemise that nude-and-pink, pout-perfecting colour that I used to mix by hand," explained Tilbury. "It was a colour unique to me. I knew I could bottle a 'suits-all' hue that would mimic the delicate rose blush skin hue."

The product's versatility definitely goes a huge way to explaining its popularity. Nude shades can be notoriously tricky to get right, but it's the dusky-pink undertones in Pillow Talk that make it surprisingly wearable on pretty much every skin tone.

The lip-plumping benefits are also something to behold. "It's that 'Has she had them done?' lip booster," said Tilbury. In fact, the lip liner is a secret weapon for makeup artists who want to help their clients achieve more defined, fuller-looking pouts with a natural finish.

The Celebrity Fans

Think of pretty much any celebrity, and at some point, they've probably been spotted wearing either the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk liner or lipstick. It was even the wedding day lipstick shade of choice for both Amal Clooney and Poppy Delevingne—that's how good it is. Keep scrolling for some of the celebrities who've worn it best.


Amal Clooney
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Amal's big day might have been kept under wraps, but with Tilbury has her go-to makeup artist, she's often seen stepping out in this iconic pink-nude shade.


Alexa Chung
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Pillow Talk is the perfect neutral shade to complement Alexa's iconic eyeliner look. 

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Penelope Cruz
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Penelope was spotted in the instantly recognisable shade at the Golden Globes.


Adwoa Aboah
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Cool girl Adwoa rocks the matte Pillow Talk lipstick with bare skin for a fashion-girl approach to a plump pout.


Emma Roberts
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Emma Roberts is a huge of Pillow Talk and has stepped out in it at red carpet events like the Met Gala multiple times.


Poppy Delevingne
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

The soft-pink nude shade makes a pretty bridal option, as Poppy demonstrates.

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Nicole Kidman
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Nicole opts for Pillow Talk to complement her shimmering eye shadow at the Golden Globes.


Gwyneth Paltrow
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Keeping things chic and simple, Gwynnie looks totally pretty in pink here.


Suki Waterhouse
(Image credit: @CTILBURYMAKEUP)

Suki rocks a seriously plumped-up Pillow Talk pout a this year's Brit awards.


Amy Adams
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

This is one nude that even fair skin tones suit as Amy Adams proves at the Oscars.

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