From Alexa to VB, Practically Every Celebrity Swears by This £205 Moisturiser

Every now and then, a beauty product comes along that lives up to its industry buzz and transcends to cult status amongst beauty editors, makeup artists and celebrities alike. One such product comes courtesy of skincare brand Augustinus Bader. Currently available in just two iterations—The Cream and The Rich Cream—these moisturisers definitely aren't going to win any literary awards for unique names, but, that's not where the beauty of this cult cream lies.

Despite their unassuming names, these creams have been developed by one of the world's leading experts in stem cell research. Yes, professor Augustinus Bader spent over 30 years researching the body's capacity for self-renewal and healing processes to inform the science behind these advanced moisturisers. So what actually makes them worthy of their £205 price tag?


(Image credit: @ALEXACHUNG)

Alexa likes to keep her everyday makeup simple but relies on Augustinus Bader The Cream for a hydration hit.

The star of this moisturiser show is Bader's patented Trigger Factor Complex. Also known as TFC8, it's a unique addition to skincare that helps to reduce skin damage and signs of ageing caused by the environment while also restoring glow to your skin.

While the science undoubtedly speaks for itself, the celebrity endorsements certainly help too. There's a seemingly neverending list of people who swear by this cult cream—from Brits like VB and Alexa Chung to stateside A-listers like Sandra Oh and Margot Robbie. In fact, celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff relies on this moisturiser when prepping her client's skin for the red carpet. When I caught up with her last month to chat about the contents of her makeup bag, I also asked her to spill the beans on how she used Augustinus Bader in her kit and why she thinks it's such a buzz product in the industry.

1. It's the perfect base for makeup.


(Image credit: @PRIYANKACHOPRA)

Pati Dubroff used Augustinus Bader to prep Priyanka Chopra's face ahead of the Oscars—only applying the moisturiser where she wanted to add glow.

When prepping her client's skin for the red carpet, Dubroff focuses on the importance of putting time aside to get the complexion right. "I will always spend a lot of time on skincare prior to putting any makeup at all on," Dubroff told us. "It can take 20 to 30 minutes, and I try and build in that time [because] if the skin looks fantastic, I don't need to put as much coverage on it."

As well as a good sheet mask and lots of massaging with a specialist tool or facial roller, a good moisturiser is key. "I use Augustinus Bader on the perimeter of the face," Dubroff said. "I like the Rich Cream a lot—that's my personal favourite—and I love the compatibility between the rich cream and foundation."

2. "Because it works."


(Image credit: @KATEBOSWORTH)

Just like Dubroff, Kate Bosworth claims that her skin craves the Augustinus Bader moisturiser.

When asked about why Augustinus Bader has reached cult status within the beauty industry, Dubroff replied simply "because it works." As a long-time fan of Dubroff, her strong seal of approval is more than enough for me. "I think that people who really know their skin and know good skincare see so [many] products that are good and fine and maybe do something, but, when you commit to this cream, you see the difference."

3. Pati swears by it too.



Killing Eve star Sandra Oh swears by this cult moisturiser. 

There's something to be said about the popularity of a cream when it's not just on their clients that makeup artists use a product but on their own skin too. Since using it, Dubroff told me that she's noticed a difference in the bounce of her skin and the fading of some pigmentation. "Also, my skin craves it," she said. "It craves the nourishment. I like the way my skin is since it's been introduced to Augustinus Bader—I know what my skin really wants and it's this cream."


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VB uses Augustinus Bader on her own skin and on her models backstage at fashion week.

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